HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization programs.

The leading non-profit for the Ohio counties of Carroll, Harrison, and Tuscarawas is the HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization. They work to help people overcome poverty and may be able to arrange short term financial aid during that timeframe.

Housing Programs from the agency provide services, one time financial aid and other support. Assistance is for various issues, such as homeless prevention, foreclosures, eviction, and more.

The HARCATUS counselors are trained and certified through the NeighborWorks organization, which is a HUD certified group. The agency has also adopted the National Industry Standards for Homeownership Education and Counseling standard.

Case managers and HUD certified counselors can help with Post and Pre Purchase Homeownership Education, provide Free Foreclosure Intervention and Mortgage Default Counseling, and coordinate Landlord Mediation services.

In addition to above, Tri-County Community Action offers more. They can coordinate Save the Dream Ohio Restoring Stability service in counties such as Carroll. This is available in partnership with the National Foreclosure Mitigation Counsel.

Workshops held will address issues such as information on renting responsibilities for tenants, Mortgage Modification Advice, General Financial Literacy, and Counseling. Dial 740-922-6692 for more details.

Weatherization Services provide homeowners with free energy-efficiency measures. It is available to the homes of low-income residents in Harrison and Tuscarawas County as well as other cities. The goal is to save people money on their annual home-energy costs and heating bills.

A secondary objective is on enhancing the comfort and safety of the home. HWAP services are available to both homeowners and renters. Priority is for the disabled and senior citizens in Ohio.




After a thorough inspection of the home, appropriate cost-effective alterations are made, including the following. Contractors that are part of weatherization may help with installation of Aerators, sealing of leaks, adding extra Insulation or Repair of Hot Water Tank, Installation of Low-Flow Shower Head, new Refrigerator and Freezer, Tune-Up, Repair, or Replacement of Furnace or Heating Unit, and much updates.

HARCATUS Tri-County Community Action Organization also administers several emergency home energy bill assistance programs for residents of its Tri-County service area. Many are run in partnership with companies such as Columbia Gas AEP CAP/Electric Partnership Program (EPP), or American Electric. The main heating and utility resources are as follows.

Ohio Winter Crisis provides cash grants for low-income or working poor households. The aid is targeted at those in the Tri-County Ohio area who have had their heating service disconnected or are low on fuel. Another option is SCP, which provides the minimum payment toward low-income applicants’ electric bills during the summer months. During a really hot stretch of weather in Ohio, qualifying clients may also be supplied with free window air conditioners.

The state also mandates PIPP Plus. This is run in partnership with gas and electric companies. It provides an extended payment arrangement for customers whose monthly countable income is at or below 150 percent of the current federal poverty guidelines.

The arrangement, which Community Action Agency staff can help negotiate, requires regulated natural gas and electric companies to accept payments of a certain percentage of the customer’s monthly household income. So this is a form of discount for working poor customers or maybe a household with a disabled member.

A free Food Pantry and Taxable Item Program furnishes non-perishable canned food and so called taxable items to income-eligible clients. It is for those in the region, such as Tuscarawas, that are facing an immediate need for help.





Since this is an emergency-based service run by the non-profit, any type of basic need assistance is limited to once each month per qualified household. Not only are income limits in place, but clients must be able to prove they reside within the region. The volunteer-operated and community action run Food Pantry is located inside of the Harrison County HARCATUS Family Support Center.

More food is from SNP - Senior Nutrition Program. This distributes free hot, nutritious meals to the elderly and their spouses over 60 years of age. The meals are served either in congregate settings or delivered to those who are homebound, such as the disabled in Harrison or Tuscarawas.

The free meals are held on weekdays at sites throughout the greater Ohio area, where seniors also have access to social interaction and activities. Transportation is available on a limited basis, sometimes for a low cost. Home-delivery of the items allows for personal connection and interaction with volunteers for homebound seniors who may otherwise feel cut off from the community.

Self-sufficiency from the HARCATUS Training & Employment Division provides employment services for eligible young adults. The advice is for those who reside in Tuscarawas County Ohio.

Clients receive assistance and counseling in the areas of interviewing skills, work experience, job readiness or placement, and more. The Tuscarawas County HARCATUS Center is located at 223 Grant Street in Dennison Ohio, and dial 740-922-1083.




The agency has also operates a Head Start system as well, and it is available as a developmental and supportive services to low-income children in Harrison, Carroll, and Tuscarawas. There is support for preschool aged children and their families.

For more information, the center can be reached at 740-922-0933. The main address is 220 Grant St., Dennison, Ohio 44621.


By Jon McNamara

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