Help from Hall County and regional Saint Vincent De Paul programs.

One of the leading local and national charities in the Hall and Stephens region of Georgia is the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul. While they operate as a Catholic organization, their assistance programs, such as for food and housing, are available regardless of religion, race, and age. The faith based charity agency collaborates with churches and other non-profits to improve the lives of low-income, people facing poverty, and homeless persons.

They try to take a pro-active approach, and St. Vincent de Paul is in some cases able to help needy residents and families meet their basic needs of food, shelter, and health. Dedicated workers and volunteers donate their time and effort to serve the less-fortunate members of the community, including Dawson, Hall, and Banks County.

Local residents who are facing emergency situations can turn to the charity for financial aid, or referrals to it if no funds are provided. All resources are limited and are usually first come and served when funding is freed up.

The agency and its network of churches help clients pay for basic needs when possible, and this may be rent to prevent homelessness or utility bills in order to prevent service disconnection. Additional financial aid may be available for other essential expenses.

A goal is on helping families in counties such as Hall remain housed, so St. Vincent de Paul also helps clients avoid eviction by offering either referrals to support or monetary assistance for partial rent payments. There are also some churches that operate, or have referrals too, emergency shelters in the region such as Stephens County.

To keep these programs running, the churches and non-profit organization rely on donations from the community, and accordingly, resources are limited for direct financial support. Persons in need of financial aid should contact St. Vincent de Paul, as the agency’s workers can provide information in regards to available funds and emergency programs.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the area offers other forms of support as well. Some of them will be identified from intervention and consultation services with applicants. Based on the results of this, the staff will offer individualized counseling, case management and referrals to other solutions if needed.




The agency supplies prescription medications to clients who are suffering from life-threatening illnesses, and volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul visit homes and hospitals to attend to sick, elderly and physically disabled residents. Moreover, the organization is a resource for victims of natural disasters, providing assistance for relief and recovery.

Food and basic needs from St. Vincent pantries and thrift stores

The charity manages a thrift store in Gainesville Georgia as well with partners such as the Salvation Army. The store is open to the general public and features gently used clothing, furniture, household goods and other items. All the merchandise, which St. Vincent de Paul acquires through donations, is affordably priced and tends to be in decent quality.

For people who income is low enough, vouchers are offered to income-eligible clients, allowing them to acquire the items that they need for free. The charity uses all proceeds raised at the thrift store to fund its services, including the financial aid programs referenced above. Community members can donate items directly at the store or make arrangements for the organization to pick up donations at their homes.

Thrift stores can be found in other parts of the service territory as well, whether that is Rabun or Habersham County. There are other options in the county, such as those run by Goodwill and other charitable organizations.

St. Vincent de Paul operates a food and meal center that offers a variety of services to clients in need of assistance. This location caters to income-qualified residents of this region. Free hot meals are served on a daily basis, and clothing, hygiene kits and snack packs are available to the homeless and very low income. Clients can access showers as well.




The center is a safe location for individuals to spend the day, and during the summer, many people use the center as shelter from the heat. The location also provides mail service for clients who do not have a permanent address. In addition, workers at the center can refer needy individuals to other community resources, including government benefits.

Holiday assistance is available from many churches in Hall and Dawson County. Many volunteers from churches offer food, clothing, or toys to children. There may also be furniture, companionship, mentorship and support during the Christmas season to struggling individuals and families.

If a business donates it, then some income qualified clients can also obtain gift certificates for food and toys in some cases. They can often be redeemed at retailers such as Wal-Mart or Target. Many churches associated with St. Vincent de Paul operate food pantries and soup kitchens.

For more information on resources in Gainseville Georgia and nearby counties, referrals to local non-profits or charities can be obtained from 770-534-0617.




By Jon McNamara

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