Greenville South Carolina housing assistance.

Find information on housing assistance in Greenville South Carolina. The Housing Authority of Greenville as well as another organization known as Human Relations administer programs such as section 8 vouchers, first time homebuyers, landlord/tenant mediation, and more. They can also offer referrals to local non-profit agencies, emergency rent programs, and other resources.

Rental and homeownership assistance can be provided to qualified low income individuals. Assistance provided is based on the individual’s income, and resources are limited. One of the leading ways in which the Greenville Housing Authority helps individuals is that they can refer people to local non-profits that may have financial assistance for rent. Or they can also help qualified applicants sign up for low income housing programs.

The Housing Authority of Greenville administers the federal government Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. The resource is financed through the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Low income families, the working poor, and other qualified individuals can apply for and receive rental subsidies to help them pay their rent. The section 8 program usually has a waiting list, so unfortunately not everyone can receive help.

One of the main benefits of the Greenville Section 8 housing program is that participants can use the vouchers to pay for the housing of their choice, provided it meets certain standards. The amount that they need to pay towards their rent is limited to at most 30% of their total household income. This in effects makes their rent much more affordable. The low income housing program is run according to HACGSC's Administrative Plan adopted for HCV Existing Housing.

Families with a financial crisis may also be able to qualify for assistance. Various programs and resources may be able to help families in the Greenville South Carolina area who are experiencing a housing related financial emergency. The Authority of Greenville may be able to assist with the family’s essential basic needs that resolve around housing. For example, they may be able to refer people to local non-profits that can provide funds for paying rent or deposits, provide information on landlord/tenant mediation, direct the low income to emergency energy programs, and similar type of aid.





The Housing Authority of Greenville can be reached at (864) 467-4250. They are one of the leading organizations to contact in the area to find out emergency housing and rent assistance programs and other resources available to anyone who needs help.

If you can’t afford your current home or apartment and need to find new accommodations, then the Greenville County Human Relations department is a great place to contact. They run an online database of affordable rental housing that operates across Greenville County South Carolina. They have information on both public and private units. Dial the office at 864.467.7095

Individuals who are looking to buy a home may be able to take advantage of and apply for help from a number of first-time homebuyers programs. The primary resource available is the County’s Key Program. The service provides an educational seminar and other support for first-time homebuyers so they may qualify for a low interest loan or down-payment assistance through HUD approved funding. In addition, counselors can provide general advice, support, and consultations to help people understand what is needed to buy a home, and can help people navigate the various mortgage and home loan options out there. The Greenville County Human Relations runs these home buying programs, and they can be reached at 864.467.7095

Landlord/tenant issues can also be addressed by the Human Relations office. This organization can accept complaints; offer mediation services, and makes referrals where necessary when violations of landlord/tenant law and/or employment law are alleged. Call 864.467.7095




By Jon McNamara

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