Grayson County Salvation Army social services and assistance programs.

Assistance for families living in poverty may be arranged by the Salvation Army in Grayson County. There are referrals to long term public aid programs, such as housing or SNAP food stamps, as well as support for people in a crisis. A combination of grants as well as non-monetary assistance can be arranged, such as case management or Christmas Toys from Angel Tree.

Applicants will be able to meet with a staff member. During this session, bring proof of income, documentation of the hardship, and additional details on why the family is struggling. While cash assistance for bills, medical needs, or rent is limited, a diverse number of programs may be arranged.

A combination of food from a pantry as well as information on USDA public aid is used in an effort to feed families, children, and the elderly. In an emergency, the Grayson County Salvation Army pantry is the best option, as it can provide immediate relief. There may be groceries given out or even an article of clothing from the site in Sherman Texas. While it may not be much as it can only feed a client for a few days, it can help.

The pantry may have boxes of groceries and other items. But another source of seasonal help can also be arranged. This includes free Christmas as well as Thanksgiving holiday meals. Everyone from the homeless to families living in poverty and homebound can get help from this service.

The long term assistance is for one or more USDA food assistance programs. There are several that people can apply too, such as WIC - Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children which helps new or pregnant mothers. The Commodity Supplemental Food Service in Texas will help feed senior citizens, children, and single moms as well. Another that the Salvation Army in Grayson County has information on is of course SNAP food stamps, and this will help pay for a small amount of the family's monthly grocery bill.

For needy, struggling clients, there is a program from Grayson County Salvation Army which offers them emergency rent assistance and provides them with basic life necessities. For families who are out of all other options and who qualify through the Department of Social & Human Services or other local partners, the service is available to them. Residents recovering from a disaster can also receive financial help or referrals.





Applicants come from all backgrounds. However they need to have a source of income to sustain future expenses. They can be on disability, have an income from a job, or pension. Some of the applicants to the Salvation Army Social Services are also unable to temporarily work due to mental or physical health conditions. Note there may be financial aid for single adults as well.

The resource not only offers financial support like one rental assistance, but also provides personal hygiene products and cleaning supplies. During the summer season, children can even be provided with free, donated school supplies such as notebooks. Other resources from the Salvation Army include referrals to utility programs or local clinics in Grayson County Texas for medical needs. There are no case benefits for this program.

Housing is always a priority. The Salvation Army center in Sherman can provide referrals to shelter or lodging for seniors or transitional programs. There are also centers especially open to provide for the safety of women and children that would otherwise be homeless. Volunteers also will direct the client to meal sites for free food or even clinics for health care needs in the region.

Salvation Army services will also help senior citizens in the community. There are more recreational services in which the elderly can meet with their peers for games and more. Some even offer more practical workshops, such as tips for paying the bills while living on a fixed income or applications for Medicare.

Grayson County Salvation Army Adopt – A – Family is limited. However on differentiator of it is that the entire family is assisted during the Christmas holiday, not only children or infants. Staff from the charity will identify local families throughout the year. Many of them who get help from Adopt a Family or even the Angel Tree in the community were clients at one time or another.





Christmas assistance is for low income families or the underemployed that are experiencing financial difficulties and have unique situations. The applicant will request items, and the charity will do its best to supply them working with generous donors and other partners. There may be everything from free food to toys for children, groceries to even vouchers for clothing or gift certificates to a local store. So called “adopters” are also always needed to help contribute to Adopt-a-Family.

Financial literacy training from the Salvation Army office in Sherman is combined with case work. There are services that help clients gain stability. Some are offered at the office, and others are partnered with local non-profit credit counselors is part of the Money Works For You Program.

Other partners include the United Way and community action in Grayson County. Clients can enroll into courses on Banking Basics, Budgeting and Saving, learn about Credit Reports/Repair and also get help in applying for Educational Grants and Loans. Proper financial skills and use of money is critical to exiting poverty.

The primary Salvation Army center is at 5700 Texoma Pkwy in Sherman Texas, zip code of 75091. The intake number is (903) 868-9602, and anyone that is struggling in Grayson County can dial it.




By Jon McNamara

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