Free mortgage help and foreclosure assistance in Indiana.

Homestead Consulting Services, which is headquartered in Lafayette Indiana, offers extensive resources to people who are facing a foreclosure. Their programs can assist homeowners who live in Tippecanoe, Benton, Boone, Carroll, Clinton, Fountain, Montgomery, Warren, and White Counties, so they cover a large geographic area.

It is a private, nonprofit agency offers free foreclosure counseling to all homeowners who live in the nine counties in the Lafayette area. The housing counselors will meet with borrowers to determine whether they want to keep their houses, and the counselor will explore all options. They try to find a solution that will work for both the lender as well as the homeowner. They then provide options appropriate to the situation. In reality some homes just can’t be saved as the homeowners financial situation is in such poor shape with no improvements in sight, and if that is the case they will also communicate that.

The primary goal is to help homeowners in any way possible who are behind on their mortgage loan payments and are in danger of foreclosure. Some of the options that counselors can offer that may be able to help borrowers include looking into short sales, loan modification options, principal reductions, forbearance, and other options that might be augmented by federal government assistance programs.

They can also help borrowers make contact with their bank or lender and work out a solution acceptable to both parties. And maybe best of all, the cost of the Foreclosure/Delinquency assistance to homeowners is covered by a grant, so there is no charge to the homeowner and all the programs are free. The agency can be reached at 765-423-1284.





Attorneys can also help with the foreclosure

Yet another service offered is that the agency also can connect homeowners with attorneys who can help with the legal process involved in the foreclosure process. Click here to read more on how to get free legal advice.

Unfortunately despite myriad options and programs that are available to people behind on their mortgage payments, and despite the increasing number of foreclosures, Homestead Consulting Services isn't seeing an increased number of people seeking aid. In fact, the nonprofit organization typically works with about 300 clients at any one time, which is a number that hasn't increased in recent years even the the ongoing housing crisis.




By Jon McNamara

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