Georgia Natural Gas assistance programs.

Georgia Natural Gas can provide qualified customers with limited amounts of assistance. The company also has information on local non-profit organizations and government programs that people can apply to for help. If you are falling behind on your gas bills, or are faced with a disconnection, call Georgia Natural Gas at 1-877-850-6200 to explore your options.

The company can provide senior citizens and the elderly with a discount. Individuals that are 65 years of age or older and that have a very low income can apply for a reduced rate. Households with an older family member may qualify for a discount on the per-therm price of their so called residential Variable Select price plan. For those found to be eligible, the company will lower your monthly base charge on your monthly electric or gas bill by up to $14.00. They will also discount the total price you pay on the Variable Select plan by up to several cents per therm. Over the course of the year these benefits can help seniors save a few dollars per month or so on their bills.

The Georgia Natural Gas Budget Billing Plan can help people plan their annual expenses and budget properly. This can provide customers of all income levels an easy and effective way to make their monthly payments for gas service more uniform throughout the course of the entire year. Under the GNG Budget Billing Plan, the company will enroll you into and help you establish a monthly budget payment based on a customer's estimated cost of their utilities and gas service over the previous 12 billing cycles.

The reasons to enter into this type of plan are many. During the colder winter months, when a customer’s gas bills are typically higher, those households that are enrolled on the plan usually pay less than their actual gas charges, which will result in a debit on their account. Then, during the hot and humid summer months in Georgia, when someone’s gas bills are typically lower, those customers on the Budget plan usually pay more than their actual natural gas charges, resulting in a credit on their account. A true up can occur periodically, and the monthly amount can be reset as well. So Georgia Natural Gas will use the difference between the actual charges and usage as well as the total budgeted amount the customer has paid. This will be used in order to set a new monthly payment for the next budget period.




Financial assistance for utility and energy bills is available from programs such as LIHEAP and H.E.A.T. Occasionally seniors and the low income may need help to pay their energy bills or assistance in averting a disconnection.

Georgia Natural Gas supports the Heating Energy Assistance Team (H.E.A.T.), which is a non-profit organization that distributes grants and energy assistance funds to qualified elderly, disabled and low-income residents throughout Georgia.  Funds from H.E.A.T. (dial 678-406-0212) assist households experiencing a potential loss of energy service or households that are in need of getting service restored. In addition, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, which is administered by the Georgia Department of Human Resources (call 1-800-869-1150) is the primary federal government financial assistance program.

If you are struggling and if you need help paying your winter heating bills or need assistance with summer cooling bills, don't wait until you are faced with a disconnection or do not wait until cold weather sets in to find out what kind of help is available. Look into either HEAT or the LIHEAP program at any time, and apply when the opportunity arises.

Other places to call, that GNG can refer people to include Project Share of the Salvation Army (telephone 770-441-6200), St. Vincent DePaul Society (770-458-9607), the Atlanta Regional Commission, Aging Services (404-463-3333), Midtown Assistance Center (call 404-681-5777), Resource Service Ministries (phone 404-352-5440), The Sullivan Center (404-753-0535) as well as Senior Connections (770-455-7602).




By Jon McNamara

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