Gallia Meigs Community Action Agency.

The Gallia Meigs non-profit Community Action Agency administers help for the less fortunate. Programs are focused on the unemployed, low income, and seniors. When contacting the center for help, a case management program will usually be developed with the client. The support is generally offered one time and is not intended to be a hand out but rather to help a client get on the path to stability.

In Ohio, a focus is on paying high winter heating bills and helping people save money on them. Another priority is on preventing hunger and homelessness. Examples of these resources are weatherization, H.EA.P government heating bill assistance, and housing resources.

Financial aid from Gallia Meigs CAA

Cash grants may be paid out from H.E.A.P - Home Energy Assistance Program. This can assist eligible working poor Ohioans meet the high costs of paying winter home heating bills. If a client is found to be qualified for this government assistance, the exact amount of their one-time HEAP benefit depends on federal government funding levels. Other consideration is given to the primary fuel you use to heat your home, how many people live in the household, if they are a senior, and also the applicants total household income. In many instances, the one-time benefit given to a family will be done in the form of a credit applied to the consumer's energy bill by your fuel vendor or utility company.

P.I.P.P. PLUS is for natural gas customers. When qualified for it, a household from Gallia County will only need to pay at most 6 percent of their monthly household income to their gas or electric company. If the consumer heats their home with electricity, then up to 10% of their income will go towards utility bills.

Staff from Gallia Meigs Community Action or from the utility company will inform the consumer of their PIPP Plus installment plan amount, so households can plan appropriately. This PIPP program is mandated by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). Also keep in mind that in order to apply the household must have first applied for all other energy bill assistance programs for which they may be qualified. Main phone - (740) 367-7341.

The state’s Electric Partnership Program, or EPP, can also help consumers in the area lower their energy use while saving money on their bills. The state of Ohio supplies Gallia Meigs Community Action Agency with a list of potential applicants and an inspection will then need to occur. Some of the updates done to a home may be free compact fluorescent light bulbs, new appliances, or a tune up of a furnace.




Medical transportation is provided to income qualified clients who have an eligible Ohio Medicaid Card. This free to low cost service is coordinated through your local county Department of Jobs and Family Services offices. This may be available in either Gallia or Meigs Counties.

Emergency funds or grants are sometimes offered from the United Way Fund. When possible, money can be used to help solve emergencies not covered by other private or government funding. Examples may be life sustaining prescription medications, rental assistance to prevent homelessness, vision care and other household emergencies. In some cases a loan may be issued by the not for profit agency for paying bills or maybe a one time rent payment. (740) 367-7341

Baby formula or diapers may be provided from BABES, or Babies Assisted with Basic Emergency Supplies. It can provide parents of young children, including single mom’s, in Meigs or Gallia counties with basic hygiene and health supplies. Clients of the community action agency may receive one free care package in a six month period. It may have free formula and/or baby food, shampoo, lotion, diapers, wipes, and other needed supplies. The aid can help insure a healthier and happier baby.

Housing type programs

The Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP) is a cash grant or very low interest loan. It is available to residents of Gallia County Ohio who own and reside in their home. The money needs to be used for the payment of health and safety repairs. Note that mobile homes do not qualify for this program.

Home ownerships assistance is available too. The USDA Rural Development, working with the Ohio Housing Finance Agency as well as Gallia Meigs CAA, run a fixed, reduced interest rate mortgage or loan product. It can help buyers and offer them a mortgage with a term of 30 years with little down payment required. The housing that can be acquired as part of this is designed to benefit families of low to moderate income.





The H.W.A.P. weatherization program is one way to save money. It was created by the federal government and is run by the non-profit Gallia Meigs Community Action Agency. If successful, it can lower the energy usage of low-income households and in effect make their heating bill more affordable over the short and long term. The program accomplishes this through the installation of free energy conservation measures in eligible households.

Some of what may be offered by contractors from Gallia Meigs Community Action include Heating unit safety test; Blower door guided air sealing; Repairs/tune-ups of furnaces; and extra home insulation. Or look into Warm-Choice, which is a weatherization type program that is paid for by Columbia Gas for eligible customers of Columbia Gas Ohio only.

Gallia Meigs Community Action Agency has three main offices. They are at.

  • 8010 North Sate Route 7, Cheshire Ohio, 45620. Call (740) 367-7341 or (740) 992-6629
  • Gallia County center is at 859 Third Avenue, Galliplis Ohio 45631. Phone - (740) 446-1018
  • Meigs County - 1369 Powell Street, Middleport Ohio, 45760. Telephone - (740) 992-5266



By Jon McNamara

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