Free foreclosure assistance for seniors.

Senior Legal Hotline (SLH), a nonprofit legal aide organization, has created a free foreclosure assistance program for seniors who live in California. It is a statewide program that will provide services, resources, advice, and other tools that will help stop a foreclosure from occurring.

SLH currently provides free foreclosure counseling to seniors who are in danger of losing their homes to their lender. The applicant will need to be behind on their payments and/or have a foreclosure notice. Sadly enough, senior citizens across the nation have been hit particularly hard by the nationwide housing crisis, and many have also been taken advantage of by predatory lenders and banks.

During the housing crisis that is currently hitting the nation and the state of California, seniors constitute one of the hardest hit, and most vulnerable classes of citizens. They are often in the most need of protection and help as a fixed income does not often provide them many solutions.

Unfortunately they have also long been prime targets of mortgage rescue scams and predatory lending, and the Senior Legal Hotline is determined to help them. Many of the services they provide are offered for free, or at greatly reduced rates for qualified homeowners.

Types of foreclosure assistance provided by Senior Legal Hotline

Over the past several years, SLH has been working diligently trying to help people. They have also become a HUD approved housing counseling agency. Over the last two years they have assisted almost 1,000 homeowners. They have facilitated loan modification, interest rate reductions, negotiated payment plans, and reduced the principal on homeowners loans. They have also reduced the principal balance of homeowners by nearly $1 million just over the last two years.

With the crisis continuing to grow, and with the federal government exerting some pressure on lenders and banks to speed up and standardize their responses to those millions of homeowners that are in distress, SLH also wants to help more people across California. The staff at Senior Legal Hotline will put the emphasis on counseling, offering free advice and self-help tools.





Free foreclosure counseling, combined with the legal advice at SLH, can help make a big difference in the lives of those who are most susceptible to abuse by unscrupulous mortgage brokers and others. The demand for help from senior citizens in California has grown rapidly. Hopefully all of these dedicated resources can help make a difference in the lives of an elderly homeowner.

The Senior Legal Hotline is located at 444 North 3rd Street, Suite 312, Sacramento, CA 95814 and they can be reached at (916) 551-2145.





By Jon McNamara

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