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Franklin County Ohio public assistance programs.

People facing a crisis can contact the Franklin County Ohio Department of Family and Job Services. This government organization can direct residents to resources and programs that may be able to address their basic needs, such as energy bill assistance, food, employment, housing retention programs and much more.

During the cold Ohio winter months, inquiries into the publicly funded Emergency Heating Energy Assistance Program are high. Very low income and working poor county residents who need assistance with paying their heating bills should contact Impact Community Action. They process applications and can answer any questions. Call 1-866-747-1038. Another non-profit to call for information on HEAP is the Breathing Association. Phone 614-457-2997. Or call the Franklin County hotline at 1-800-282-0880.

Qualified beneficiaries will receive grants or credits on their utility accounts. The intent is to ensure everyone has heat during the winter months, in particular seniors, children, and the disabled. This may be the primary federal government funded public assistance program for energy costs.

Employment and safety issues can be addressed from the Franklin County Prevention, Retention, Contingency Program. It can offer very short-term monetary assistance to qualified working poor families within Franklin County.

This public assistance program, and the cash that is paid out, is available to help individuals and the unemployed get a job, new skills, or increase their income. Grants can also help people remain employed. Other uses of the Prevention, Retention, Contingency Program is to eliminate a threat to the safety/health of a family household member or the person who is applying. Another main goal of the program is really to prevent you and your family from going on long term federal government or state of Ohio public aid. The reason being is that if someone has a job, this will really reduce the likelihood of that happening.

While funding will vary and conditions need to be met, basic short-term needs and bills that do not exceed $750 may be paid for by this government resource. Also, additional assistance limits may be imposed depending on the category of assistance requested as well as the applicants overall financial condition. The county will assist clients with maintaining their self-sufficiency and employment. This ism a form of free money for the low income.





Basic needs that can be paid for include rent or mortgage, security deposits, utility bills, or home repairs. For people who need a place to live, money may be offered for emergency shelter or temporary housing. If you need it for a job, then public aid can cover auto repairs and critical maintenance of your car.

Other expenses covered by the Contingency Program include property taxes. This will only be for a small dollar amount, as property tax help is often expensive. But struggling Columbus Ohio area families may get relief. More details on how to apply for property tax help.

While less common, the county may help qualified residents pay for some of the following. Necessary household appliances, furnishings, and items that are needed to ensure someone is safe and to continue to live. This is usually for disaster replacement only. In addition, general clothing for disaster recovery is also offered, and this can include a fire, floor, or tornado.

For those looking for a job, look into grants to pay for employment related tools and equipment if you need it for a job. This can even include employment related safety equipment. Work clothing such as suits, dresses, or professional work attire is available too.

The financial aid paid out by the county is intended to resolve a short-term emergency need. Those who qualify can only get at most one payment within a period of 12 consecutive months. Case managers can also provide information on temporary cash assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and other public assistance programs.

When someone applies for PRC they are expected to utilize the program, government benefit, or support system that may reduce or eliminate your pressing need within a reasonable time frame of 30 days. This is offered as a last resort and people need to apply for other community resources first, such as those from a charity, church, or non-profit like the Salvation Army. This also needs to be documented on your application.




How to apply for public aid from Family Services in Franklin County

To learn more or apply, contact the Franklin County Department of Job and Family Services. The addresses and phone numbers are 1721 Northland Park Ave., 3723 S. High Street, the East Opportunity Center at 1055 Mt. Vernon Ave. and also West Opportunity Center at 314 N. Wilson Road.


By Jon McNamara

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