Fort Bend Salvation Army assistance programs.

When faced with a difficult period, The Salvation Army in Fort Bend Texas is one of the places to call for assistance. If you are faced with difficult times, your local non-profit Salvation Army enter may have emergency assistance in paying rent and utility bills, and helping meet other basic needs. Food, clothing, and material aid may be provided. In addition, during Christmas, thousands of children from low income families and senior citizens in the community can receive free meals, or toys/gifts from programs such as Angel Tree.

Self-sufficiency and social services are provided too, and are an important resource offered. The advice and services are provided free of charge to those low income families who qualify based on their individual needs and income. The Salvation Army also works closely with other churches, non-profits, and partner organizations across Texas to ensure all clients’ necessities are met.

In order to be served, applicants need to be residents of Fort Bend County Texas. The Salvation Army provides assistance to people to help them pay for and address emergency needs. The non-profit can offer limited amounts of financial assistance, electricity, gas, water bills, and rent. Food vouchers are provided, and maybe even transportation assistance.

Case managers and social workers from the Salvation Army will spend time to understand and asses the applicants financial situation and needs. The specialists will work with clients in order to determine what types of financial and non-monetary assistance they are qualified for. There needs to be an urgent need, such as eviction notice, lack of food, or upcoming utility disconnection. If the agency can’t meet your needs they will refer you and maybe help you apply to other non-profits, public assistance or Fort Bend Texas government programs. The Salvation Army maintains a positive working relationship with other non-profits, churches, and social service agencies in county, so the referral process can be effective. They are also a member of the Fort Bend Alliance, which is among other things a partnership with the United Way.

Making sure families, children, and seniors can experience the joy of Christmas is a focus of the Salvation Army. The Angel Tree program is one of the main ways they spread holiday help and joy to the needy. The program provides Christmas assistance to disadvantaged seniors and children. Hundreds of needy and less fortunate children will receive gifts, toys, and more from this service. Volunteers, donations, and the generosity of local individuals, businesses, and civic organizations are also key for this program to run.





Educational program are offered by Upward Bound. It can help motivate and prepare low income and/or first generation students to attend college or some institution of higher learning. It also will try to ensure they have success.

Housing for seniors and elderly are offered. Programs are offered at Community Centers or residential apartment buildings. Many of the senior assistance programs in Fort Bend will also deliver free meals and friendly smiles to the homebound and elderly. Seniors can be provided daily breakfast and lunch meals, and maybe housing at the Evangeline Booth Garden Apartments or William Booth residential units. These senior and elderly residential living units charge tenants rent on an income-based scaling system. So people with low incomes will be offered lower rates.

Shelters in Fort Bend Texas are offered by the Salvation Army. The main location is the Family Residence shelter, and it is open for adult women with families or single parents. Hundreds of homeless people and families find shelter at one of The Salvation Army's Fort Bend or Houston Texas facilities. These services and programs are offered completely free of charge to qualified individuals. Especially during inclement weather, such as the summer heat, the housing units are in high demand.

Christmas Assistance helps people experience the joy of caring and sharing. Donations provide low income families, seniors, and children with clothing, Christmas dinners, and free toys for children and families in need. Extra financial assistance for paying bill is also provided around the holidays, and funds also help with basic necessities, such as rent and utilities, along with seasonal aid.




Volunteers who work with the Salvation Army also distribute gifts to shut-ins and senior citizens in nursing homes. Meal sites as well as shelters are open across Fort Bend for sit-down dinners. The Salvation Army will do its best to bring spiritual light and love to those individuals and families it serves at Christmas so that the real meaning of the holiday season is not forgotten by those who are struggling.

The main location is 10435 Greenbough Dr., Stafford, Texas  77477, dial (281) 207-2500.


By Jon McNamara

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