Forrest, Lamar, and Marion Salvation Army assistance programs.

Assistance ranging from food to financial assistance and job training is offered by the Salvation Army in Mississippi. The centers that are located in the counties of Marion, Lamar and Forrest do their best to meet the various needs of the low income and poor in their territory.

Individuals need to apply for help, and this is a confidential process. If they are found to be qualified then all emergency family, personal, and basic needs assistance is provided with both dignity and respect to the family. Anything that is offered will depend on resources, the applicants income and other conditions.

When faced with a crisis, look into electric bill and rent assistance. This is only offered by the Salvation Army in an emergency. For example, when facing eviction, disconnection, or if you need help moving into a new home. Other utility type service are the free fans and/or air conditioners that may be offered to the sick, elderly, fragile, and disabled.

Food is available from pantries as well as baskets full of groceries. These can provide a quick fix to those who need nutrition. Also, the Salvation Army will often partner others in the community of Forrest or Lamar to set up and maintain food assistance programs. There is also a pantry in Hattiesburg Mississippi. In addition, the county and their Social Service department maintains a food bank to provide on-site availability to clients. Nonperishable items, such as canned goods, are provided to the low income and needy. All foodstuffs from the pantry will always be kept in a clean, accessible place and are not distributed to the needy after expiration dates.

Clothing and Household Vouchers may be offered in a crisis across Marion and the other counties. This is really for people impacted by a fire, tornado or flood. However, when resources allow, the clothing closets and thrift stores may offer free goods when a person is establishing a new household following a period of homelessness. Other item may be offered for people starting a new job.

Certain qualified clients may use this Salvation Army service to replace worn-out items that are critical to the home. If this is offered, then it will come with restrictions including the goods are only provided as part of a total casework plan. When the applicant is known to other local non-profits or governmental agencies in Mississippi, then the Salvation Army develops and agreement or understanding among the non-profit agencies as to which one is supplying what items.




The furnishings provided by the Salvation Army may come form several sources in the region. For example, local merchants in Forrest County contribute as do neighborhood thrift stores, the Corps salvage program, or a local Adult Rehabilitation Center.

Travelers assistance is offered by the Salvation Army. The non-profit may have some extra funding that can be used to provide direct assistance to travelers who are in crisis situations. This can include, but is not limited to, temporary lodging and free meals. All this, and more, are provided for needy individuals in emergency situations.

Help others this Christmas season. If you donate new toys, clothes, games or stuffed animals, all of that will be provided to the needy and children. Your wrapped presents can also be used for nursing home residents, the disabled and others who are less fortunate. The Salvation Army is able to help many families in Forrest, Lamar, and Marion County. Other nearby regions supported also include Covington, Perry, Jeff Davis and Greene.

Additional social services, in addition to what is mentioned above, can include diaper, Shower and Laundry Program, financial Goal Setting (Family and Individual), Back to School Supplies, Referrals, Hygiene Items, Shelter, Employment Assistance, Bus Passes and Budgeting Classes.

Every applicant to the Salvation Army is treated individually and with respect. Case managers will work with anyone from the counties supported who has a need. They will also try to refer clients to other charities and non-profit agencies who may be able to help them.

Primary Salvation Army centers

  • 5670 U. S. Hwy. 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, call 601-544-3684
  • Family Thrift Store, 226 2nd Street, Columbia,  MS  39429,  601-736-7861




By Jon McNamara

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