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If you are behind on your mortgage payments, in danger of losing your home, and facing a foreclosure, the Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago (NHS) has a variety of programs that can help area homeowners. NHS offers Chicago, Kane and Cook County, and Elgin area residents access to numerous foreclosure prevention services, programs to modify home loans, and other free or low cost resources. The programs will allow people to purchase, maintain, keep up with payments, and sustain their home.

Many people need foreclosure help. If you are one of the thousands of local families who is in danger of losing your home to foreclosure or if you need a more affordable mortgage, counselors from NHS have the expertise and resources to help Chicago area homeowners. Most people do not know that NHS is the only nonprofit mortgage lender that is located in the entire State of Illinois. They provide free foreclosure counseling and many other services. They also offer loan modifications in the form of affordable, fixed, and low interest rate mortgages and refinance loans. While it true that not all homes can be saved, the sooner a homeowner seeks help, the better for them and the greater chance of success that they may have.

If you need help and are behind or struggling with making your mortgage payments, contact NHS to learn more about what their HUD approved counselors can do for you to help.

Services offered by the Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago

More details on the resources offered to Chicago area homeowners include the following:

Foreclosure workshops - One of the first steps for any individual is to learn more about the foreclosure process. NHS provides free workshops to interested parties. Experts will walk people through the process, discuss some of the options, including government and Illinois programs that may be able to help, and begin the initial consultations. They will answer questions and provide guidance. The agency also offer free or low cost loan modifications, and can help people refinance their mortgage. Click here to learn more about the foreclosure process, or contact the agency at the number below.





Who can access the programs and workshops - They are fairly wide open, and as long as you live in the area then you can attend a session. Currently the foreclosure workshops are available for only those homeowners who live in the immediate region, which includes Chicago and Kane County as well as nearby towns and cities.

What other options does a homeowner have - Plenty. Chicago homeowners can turn to the Home Ownership Preservation Initiative which aims to preserve homeownership. They can explore and take advantage of Cook County foreclosure mediation programs. Last, but not least, some individuals may be qualified for free legal representation from The Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago. Learn more on the free legal programs, or call 312-341-1070.

In addition, staff from NHS can usually provide referrals or provide information on other federal and state of Illinois mortgage programs. The firm has served the Chicago area for a long time and they want to see homeowners get the assistance that they may need.


The Neighborhood Housing Services of Chicago has several offices around the county and the city of Chicago. You can contact the non-profit firm at 773-329-4010 to learn more or to apply for foreclosure help.




By Jon McNamara

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