Mortgage help from Fannie Mae in Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona homeowners have another place to go to for mortgage help and foreclosure prevention programs. National mortgage lender Fannie Mae has opened a mortgage help center in Phoenix Arizona. The center will allow struggling borrowers to get help with mortgage loans that are owned by the company, which is a large percentage of mortgages. It was formed in partnership with Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of Phoenix.

The Fannie Mae Phoenix Mortgage Help Center is one of several locations that the mortgage lender has opened in local markets across the country. These housing centers that the company is unveiling across the country will provide help to distressed homeowners with mortgages and loans that are serviced or owned by the company.

Mortgage relief offered by the Phoenix center

The centers provide homeowners in Phoenix with the opportunity to make an appointment and to meet with someone face to face. This gives them the chance to improve communication, which is critical, and to really be heard by their lender. Fannie Mae is committed to doing everything they can to reach people in the area who have Fannie Mae-owned home loans.

The new center's primary objective is to help Arizona homeowners who are behind on their mortgage, or who may be facing a foreclosure sort through options that best address their personal financial situation.



Housing counselors at the center will provide a full range of options and services to local homeowners. Examples of them include:

  • Experts will collect the required documents that are necessary for the federal Making Home Affordable Program.
  • Receive help and expert advice to finalize any pending loan workout efforts.
  • In addition, both Fannie Mae and NHS of Phoenix will provide information, FAQ and clarify expectations for the foreclosure prevention process, and provide details on how foreclosure works.

In addition, homeowners will be able to talk with both Spanish and English speakers about their mortgage situations and come up with options and solutions to prevent foreclosures.

Fannie Mae Phoenix Arizona contact

The Phoenix Mortgage Help Center is available to homeowners by appointment only. Borrowers who want to schedule a visit with a counselor can call 1-866-442-8574 to make an appointment or learn more.




By Jon McNamara

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