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Foreclosure and mortgage assistance programs from Bank of America.

Bank of America offers its customers a number of mortgage assistance programs. Each and every request is reviewed on a one-off basis for some type of solution. As the lender does its best to work with homeowners to help them save their home. Whether it is forbearance, free foreclosure counseling, home loan modifications or something else, mortgage help is offered from BOA as noted below.

Get information below on several Bank of America mortgage assistance programs

Bank of America has completed the highest number of trial mortgage modifications under the federal governments Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). In addition to this government program, Bank of America is also providing its customers help from it own home loan modification programs. They can provide short-term relief, waive fees, reduce principal and interest rates, or offer other foreclosure prevention tools that may address the homeowners personal situation.

They are doing everything they can to prevent a foreclosure. The bank has been responsible for about one in five HAMP modifications, with hundreds of thousands of its customers assisted. More information on other programs are below as well.

In addition, according to government reports, Bank of America is also the leader in the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP). This is another one of the resources offered, and is a main component of the Making Home Affordable initiative. They were the first bank or lender to offer HARP loans and modifications. To date, over 100,000 homeowners who were struggling with their payments have received assistance from either the improved and enhanced loan-to-value ratios or the streamlined processes of the HARP program.

In total, they have provided mortgage and foreclosure relief to more than one million homeowners over the years. Most of these homeowners had their homes saved and the programs helped prevent a foreclosure. Over 450,000 customers received help directly from Bank of America and the programs they oversee themselves while the balance receive support from government resources.

As indicated above, some of the solutions offered by BOA will include mortgage modifications, forbearance, fee waivers, principal reduction, and more. In addition, more than 160,000 families were assisted from the HAMP program. And as indicated above, an additional 100,000 were aided from HARP. Hundreds of thousands were assisted from a variety of other mortgage assistance programs.




Bank of America mortgage assistance programs

According to a leading executive from the credit loss mitigation department at Bank of America, they are strongly committed to providing both short term and long-term solutions to help struggling individuals and families remain in their homes. By using a combination of the federal governments Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP), resources such as HARP 2 and their own programs and resources, BOA continues to aggressively reach out to and assist as many homeowners as possible.

Some of the other resources being offered by BOA include:

  • They have held more than 200 community outreach events in 30 states, and mortgage counselors will meet one on one with homeowners at these events.
  • They are working closely with state and local governments and referring people to government mortgage programs that may be able to help them.
  • They have hired and reassigned hundreds of mortgage counselors and loan officers to serve as case workers. These employees will now assist customers and homeowners in the conversion from trial to permanent modifications. They will also offer the homeowner the other mortgage assistance programs offered by the bank.
  • BOA has launched a home loans assistance Web site. The sites provide customers with easy online access to information and resources, including it will help them gain answers to their questions about the home loan modification process.

Through both these various government programs and others that they administer themselves, Bank of America said it has provided almost $250 billion in foreclosure prevention relief and funds to refinance existing mortgages.

As the numbers show, you need to contact Bank of America to ask about a modification, forbearance, or learn about what other options they may have for you, as they are working with homeowners.

Bank of American principal reduction

A new mortgage principal reduction program by BOA will forgive up to 30 percent of certain customers outstanding balance. This can potentially help tens of thousands of homeowners across the nation who are currently upside down on their mortgage.





Bank of America home loans assistance programs and customer contacts

BOA has a customer service group that was created to explore all solutions with customers. Agents and counselors are available over the phone, and homeowners who are currently behind on their mortgage or who expect difficulty in the future should not hesitate to call. They address all sorts of loans, whether a refi or initial mortgage that was entered into. Find information on Bank of America home loans services assistance.

Reduction or suspension of payments

BOA can offer certain homeowners forbearance, which can suspend or lower their mortgage payments for a defined period of time. While this is a short term solution, it can provide borrowers time to get back on track. Learn more on Bank of America forbearance.

Nationwide Mortgage Customer Service Centers

Bank of America has opened dozens of centers in most major cities across the United States. The locations provide homeowners with an opportunity to meet with a housing counselor/loan modification specialist. These personal meetings can really speed up the loan modification process, and individuals can either get immediate relief, or they will learn that they need to explore other alternatives. Click here to get more information on Bank of America mortgage help and customer support centers.

Programs for veterans and military members

Whether you are an active duty military member, or a veteran, Bank of America may have an assistance program available for you. A dedicated team of customer service representatives has been created to support those who have served our county. The lender is offering qualified borrowers loan modifications, principal reductions, free credit counseling and other support. Many military members are also qualifying for reduced interest rates on their home loans. Read more on Bank of America military loan assistance.

BOA contact information

To learn more about these or other resources or programs, call Bank of America at 1.800.846.2222 or 800-669-6607 and ask about their foreclosure prevention as well as mortgage assistance programs.


By Jon McNamara













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