Los Angeles Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center.

Los Angeles homeowners can meet with a housing counselor at the Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center. The government supported agency Fannie Mae is partnering with major mortgage servicers, West Angeles Community Development Corporation, and various civic and community leaders from across the region to offer struggling homeowners counseling and foreclosure alternatives. The mortgage help center will be located in Culver City, however it will serve the greater Los Angeles area. Counselors on site will provide foreclosure counseling and other services for struggling homeowners in the greater metro area.

Assistance offered at the Los Angeles mortgage center

Many times communication is the key to saving a home. So to ensure communication does occur, at the mortgage help center homeowners will be able to meet directly with dedicated onsite English- and/or Spanish-speaking staff and experienced housing counselors to discuss their personal finances as well as mortgage situation.

The on site mortgage and housing counselors will provide borrowers with a full range of assistance programs and services. The programs and resources offered will include reviewing a borrower's loan, discussing  alternatives to a foreclosure, collecting the documents that are required for the federal Making Home Affordable Program and providing help to finalize any pending loan workout efforts through that government program, or any other.

Both West Angeles Community Development Corporation as well as Fannie Mae will provide all sorts of extensive information. They will also be sure to clarify expectations of the homeowner with regard to the foreclosure prevention process, and available solutions. In addition, efforts will be made to counteract local scams and groups that charge fees for their loan modifications and foreclosure prevention services.

When a homeowner meets with a counselor, these face-to-face meetings will help Los Angeles are homeowners better understand the range of foreclosure prevention options available and advise them on how to get back on track and to resolve their mortgage situation.





This Fannie Mae mortgage help center is a place where homeowners who need some advice or assistance can receive free quality counseling from trusted advisors who will work to achieve the best outcome for each homeowner. The free sessions occur one-on-one, and of course at a convenient location. Borrowers who stop by the center will have their mortgage concerns addressed with both compassion and competence, and the services are free of charge.

Fannie Mae help center contact

You need to make an appointment, as the Fannie Mae Greater Los Angeles Mortgage Help Center services are in great demand.  Therefore they are offering help by appointment only and borrowers wishing to schedule a visit or to meet with a counselor should call (866) 442-8576.





By Jon McNamara

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