Family Life Center emergency assistance programs.

A wide variety of Comal County residents can receive emergency financial help from the Family Life Center. The non-profit has funds for a variety of living expenses, ranging from mortgages to rental arrears, gasoline vouchers, or energy bills but to name a few. While anyone can apply for help, the focus is on short term support for residents of New Braunfels Texas that are facing an unforeseen emergency.

The office will not disburse any aid, or take applications, of Fridays. Anyone seeking help for a critical bills needs to apply earlier in the week. There is always a focus on expenses related to housing, transportation for work, or medical needs. But all requests will be reviewed by a worker from the agency.

The Thrift Store, which is a low cost “Community Closet” is a second-hand store open to the public. Family Life Center will also operate on the donations of clothing, furniture, appliances and other items. All proceeds from the sale of goods at the thrift store benefit the other resources available, such as the food pantry, financial aid programs, and even the local Comal County Senior Center.

Donations are needed (as indicated). As long as it is gently used, the thrift store may sell it. Therefore always remember that as someone from the community is cleaning out their closet remember to bag up your old stuff and drop it off for sale. Family Life Center is not the only place. There are also Salvation Army centers, St. Vincent stores, and many other options.

When a client's income is low enough, they can be given free items from the clothing bank. Appointments are needed for anyone in need. They will need to meet with a case worker and also go over what their need for clothes or household goods may be.

The assistance programs from Family Life Center provide holistic support as well as short term cash aid for people who want to rise above poverty. The process will tailor social, educational, emotional and financial resources to fit the needs and goals of the client. During this process, one time funds may be issued for everything from rent to energy bills or a mortgage payment. There are also partners with Texas job centers to help the client increase their income.





If funds are issued for housing or utility costs, the case manager will be working with the whole household or family to end poverty. When successful, there may be help for paying rent to stop an eviction. Or if the client needs a car for work, then bus passes may be given. Or gasoline vouchers may also be provided for local travel in New Braunfels Texas.

In order to get a grant, clients are held accountable for making progress to the goal oriented case management process. As an example, there is no use to pay for a utility bill if the applicant has no ability to keep their power on in the future. So they need a job or need to access a job training program. So all of these processes work together to help the poor.

Clients of the Family Life Center financial aid may be seniors living on a fixed income or temporarily unemployed. Grants may also be given to victims of natural disasters, family violence, fire or sexual abuse. Rent and energy assistance programs are also for individuals with short term or permanent disabilities as well as residents that lack shelter.

The main way that Family Life Center helps address hunger is the emergency food pantry. It is used in a crisis. Another time to use the center is when the family is waiting on their SNAP food stamp benefits to start up. The pantry is limited in scope and availability, but it is an option that can help prevent (or reduce) the risk of going hungry.

It is very effective at solving a crisis. Call in advance for hours and to determine if qualified. But even if the team at the non-profit can't help for some reason, they will try to refer the person to another program. As there are many to try, as wide ranging as Feeding America to WIC vouchers, baby formula for newborns, and many others.

Appointments are always needed to use the Family Life Center programs. Call 830-625-7100, or their main office is at 5513 I-35 S, New Braunfels, TX 78132.



By Jon McNamara

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