Assistance programs from Elkhart County Salvation Army.

When you are faced with a crisis, the Salvation Army of Goshen and Elkhart County Indiana may be able to help. They administer several emergency assistance programs and will also direct low income and struggling residents to self-sufficiency type programs. Hundreds of people receive some form of support every year. Most of them never had to ask for for help in the past and due to a crisis, job loss, or some other hardship they are struggling for the first time. The Salvation Army will do its best to be there when you need it.

Several social services are administered, including financial aid, employment counseling, basic health care/medications and more. The non-profit also supports towns and cities across the region, including in Jefferson, Olive, Harrison, Elkhart, Goshen, Jackson, Clinton, Locke, Union, and Benton Indiana. Of course resources are available for the low income and working poor in Goshen. Some examples of what may be provided is below. However call them for information and referrals.

Prescription medication assistance and vouchers may be offered. The Salvation Army of Elkhart may provide cash assistance or vouchers that can be used to pay for needed prescription medications. This program is usually only offered in an emergency or life threatening condition. While terms and funding vary, in general it can pay for one-time prescriptions of up to $100. This is not for ongoing medications or care.

Food pantries and meals are another form of assistance. This is offered in an emergency situation and may help prevent hunger in Goshen. Qualified families can use the food pantry at most once every sixty (60) days. Special Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving meals may be offered as well during the proper seasons.

Heating and utility bill assistance. Any applicants to this Salvation Army program needs to have visited their local town Trustee first. They need to have proof of this and whether assistance was given or denied to them. In addition, the applicant for help paying utilities must live in the residence of a township that is within Elkhart County Salvation Army’s service area.

Any financial assistance is very limited. The Salvation Army may be able to provide qualified clients with up to $200 on one month’s assistance for energy bills. Other conditions of the program include the applicant’s utility must be in their legal name. In addition, the applicant must have received a notification of a disconnection of their account. Their service needs to be already shut off or they may need to have an upcoming disconnection notice. As indicated any grants paid out will be one time only.




Other assistance may be available as resources allow, and this can include rent, housing, shelter, and more. Anyone from the county who is seeking assistance needs to bring with them proper identification as well as Social Security numbers for all members of the household.

As with any non-profit, the Salvation Army will of course reserve the right to make final decisions as to the nature and amount of any emergency assistance given. They can decide to deny your application as well whenever they see fit. Those grounds for denial of your application will be determined by The Salvation Army of Elkhart. Some reasons you can be denied include inaccurate or misleading information given by a client, fraudulent/illegal use of the Salvation Army assistance forms, or if the family has a record of frequent and multiple requests for assistance.

The main goal of the non-profit is to provide short-term emergency assistance for some of the needs above. This will usually be offered with case management and job training. So they will not continuously give help to the same people as the Salvation Army is not a government subsidy program.

The main Salvation Army Corp centers are at the following addresses.

300 N Main St. in Elkhart. Call (574) 970-0088. Another location is in that town at 1657 Cassopolis St. Telephone (574) 262-9292. Or stop by a location at 1013 N Main St in Goshen. Call (574) 533-9584 for intake.



By Jon McNamara

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