Duluth and St. Louis County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army center in Duluth provides emergency assistance along with basic needs. The programs for the low income and vulnerable can help keep them housed, provide free food, access to shopping at a low cost thrift store, and there is assistance for children both year round and at the holidays. Several social services help families all across St. Louis County Minnesota.

Food and meal programs – There are a few different services available. They include a daily lunch as well as food pantry/shelf. When it comes to the meal, it takes place from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm each weekday.

A pantry is also open. This Salvation Army center will only help people that live in Duluth between  10th and 40th Ave. W streets. The shelf can also offer free groceries, baby formula and more to families in the Piedmont neighborhood. If there is a family from St. Louis County that is not in that service territory, then the case managers will offer referrals to other benefits. This may be local charities or the SNAP food stamp program.

The last option is the medical food shelf. People that are ill (whether seniors, children, or anyone) can use the location. They will need a referral from a doctor or hospital though. Appointments are needed to use this center, which is open Wednesdays.

St. Louis County Salvation Army Financial Aid – This can offer help in several different situations. When a household is about to have their lights or heat turned off, there may be grants to pay utility bills. This can also help with water bills. In fact, utility expenses are what a majority of people request help with from this site. If they can't help, inquire into LIHEAP, the state of Minnesota heating bill assistance program.

Housing assistance includes money for rent, mortgages, or security deposits. In many cases this last minute aid will help prevent evictions or homelessness. Any payments made (especially for rent) will be vary limited.

Financial aid may also be help for victims of a disaster, household items, as well as Christmas toys or gifts from Angel Tree. Some of these, such as the holiday help, is seasonal. Or try the Salvation Army center to locate school supplies. This may be sold at a low cost, or passed out for free, to children.





Additional social services are offered by the Duluth Salvation Army. There may be free clothing vouchers from the thrift store. Another program is transportation, and there may be gasoline vouchers for work or free bus passes. The Salvation Army will use this form of aid for employment or job training reasons only.

Many of the case management and social services enrich the lives of youth as well as adults. There are a few programs that are for overall development. This will not just be for paying bills but rather address other needs of the community.

The Duluth Salvation Army has worship classes as well as information on summer camps for teenagers. There will also be classes on music, crafts, tutoring, and more. Adults can also contact the Salvation Army for information on classes around employment, budgeting, and more.

Senior citizens as well as the home-bound are another focus. There is an Adult Fellowship service. It focuses on St. Louis Minnesota residents over the age of 50, and gives them food, companionship, and support. There are also visits to people in nursing homes as well as hot meals brought to the home bound. Other resources may also be provided as part of Adult Fellowship.

For more information, to volunteer, or to apply for help, the St. Louis County Worship and Service Center is located at 215 S. 27th Ave. W., Duluth, MN 55806. The main phone number is  218-722-7934.




By Jon McNamara

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