Cooling bill assistance and fans from Dominion Virginia Power.

Virginia families may be able to receive assistance during the summer from Fan Care or the EnergyShare program. Qualified low income customers can receive free fans and/or money to help pay cooling and air conditioning bills from Dominion Virginia Power.

The size of the EnergyShare program is being increased during the summer in order to help Virginians in financial need pay their cooling bills. Another program (see below) will provide free fans to seniors and the needy. Applications are typically accepted from June 1 through Sept. 28, and is offered on a first come first serve basis. Anyone who is interested will need to formally apply for a fan or they also need to apply to participate in the year-round cooling bill assistance programs.

EnergyShare is funded by the generous donations of customers, Dominion itself, and its employees. It will normally help around 5,000 customers per year. The service is primarily supported by donations from the community as indicated above. In addition, many local businesses, civic organizations, and churches also contribute. Local social service and health agencies in the company's service area distribute the funds and grants to the needy and low income. One hundred percent of the funds donated to EnergyShare go directly to help those requiring assistance, and this is due to the fact that Dominion and social services agencies cover administrative costs and other expenses.

The cash grants and fans that are distributed from Dominion Virginia Power and EnergyShare make a true difference in the quality of life of the low income, children and seniors. People who are struggling to stay cool in their homes during the summer heat and humidity will benefit quite extensively.





As part of the EnergyShare cooling program, a qualified customer can receive up to $300 for paying their summer cooling or air conditioning bills. Community action agencies and local human services agencies across the state of Virginia participate in the program. Assistance for cooling bills is only offered for those individuals that have received a disconnection notice. Or seniors over 60 may also be assisted as well, even if not faced with a shut off. Other conditions include the applicant needs to meet income limits in place by Dominion Virginia Power, they need to have exhausted and used up all other sources of cooling and air conditioning bills assistance (such as LIHEAP), and they also need to be faced with a crisis. To learn more dial 1-866-366-4357.

Seniors in Virginia can benefit from Fan Care. This can help families across the state, with a focus on low income seniors, stay cool during the summer. Free fans are offered qualifying seniors who live in the Dominion service area. Local community action and non-profit agencies, like the Salvation Army, focus on helping screen applicants and distribute free fans to the needy.

Aid is offered on a first come first serve basis. Qualified individuals can receive at most one free fan per cooling season. The cooling assistance program runs through the end of September or as long as funds or donations are available. For information on the Fan Care program, application sites, and other benefits, call the Virginia Department for the Aging at 1-800-552-3402.





By Jon McNamara

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