Detroit water bill assistance.

The City of Detroit Department of Human Services offers emergency assistance for paying water bills to customers who are faced with a shut off or disconnection of their service. There are several conditions that need to be met by applicants as indicated below. However the primary goal is to prevent disconnection of water and/or sewer service for low income families and individuals across both Wayne County and the city of Detroit Michigan.

If you are struggling with paying bills in this challenging economy, the Detroit Residential Water Assistance Program (DRWAP) may be a resource for you. To learn more about, or to apply for help with paying water and sewer bills contact the City of Detroit Department of Human Services (DHS). The service is available for low-income city residents, including seniors, disabled, and others.

To qualify for financial assistance or cash grants, applicants need to meet the following criteria. Customers need to be a Detroit resident, and must be faced with shut off or pending shut off of their water or sewer service. Applicants must also be at or below 200-percent of current Federal Government Poverty Levels and also need to be living in a single-family dwelling and responsible for paying their water bill on a monthly basis. Some exceptions could be made in a very limited number of circumstances, in particular in emergency situations.

Of course the low income customer needs to be able to prove and document their hardship to the City of Detroit Department of Human Services. The customer applying for help is solely responsible for bringing in the following documentation when applying.

Applicants need to bring in current picture identification for each household member 18 years of age or older. In addition, for all for all household members 18 years of age or older, a full report of each person’s income must be brought it, and it needs to include the previous 12 months of income. Also required is the verification of the ages of all minor household members, which includes immunization records, birth certificate, and school records. Please be sure to bring in proof of home ownership, or if you are a renter, you need to bring in lease or rental agreement indicating who is responsible for the water bill. Also of course please provide current DWSD water bill and payment/consumption history.





In order to apply for cash grants or help from the Detroit Residential Water Assistance Program, customers will need to apply at the DHS Community Service Center in your area. As part of the process a formal assessment will take place, and the information noted above will be required.

All funding is limited. If funds are not issued, then the City of Detroit DHS may help families enter into payment plans on their water or sewer bills. The locations of the centers are as indicated below. These centers may also be able to help people meet other basic needs.

  • 7737 Kercheval, Detroit, MI 48214, call (313) 852-4786
  • 18100 Meyers, Detroit, Michigan 48235 (313) 887-6656
  • 13303 E. McNichols, Detroit, MI 48205, phone number (313) 628-0775
  • 7131 Westfield, Detroit, MI 48204 (313) 887-6687
  • 5031 Grandy, Detroit, Michigan 48211, call (313) 852-5634

Another option is now available from THAW. The non-profit organization normally focuses on other utilities, but they have created a new service that will help families with paying their water bills. The program is limited in capacity, but it can both prevent a shut off of service and allow the customer time to enter into some form of payment plans. Find more information on the Detroit THAW water program.




By Jon McNamara

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