Dallas County Agency on Aging assistance programs.

The services provided by the Dallas County Agency on Aging fall into a few categories. The agency can provide (or coordinate with partners) a few categories of assistance. They range from free legal advice to a meal programs, benefit counseling, home repairs, and medical care such as diabetes services. There are almost 20 other resources available for the elderly as well as their caregivers.

Agency on Aging programs for seniors

There are some dedicated assistance programs focused just on senior citizens and/or their spouses. These were created to address their unique needs. Whether it is healthy food or help in accessing benefits such as Medicare or a prescription program, the elderly in Dallas have options.

Health and Medical Care is always a focus. As a person ages their needs change as does the amount of money they need to spend for medical bills. The Dallas County Agency on Aging coordinates many programs for this issue. Whether it is disease management or help in applying for Medicare Part B or just tips on living healthier, resources are available.

  • Managing diseases – Classes are held in partnership with doctors and Stanford University to go over a Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, including diabetes, medication management, and other conditions.
  • Hearing Aids and Needs – The Death Action Center in Dallas offers skills based training as well as referrals to equipment, such as tips on how to get free hearing aids.
  • Fall and balance prevention – Clients can not only learn about monitoring systems but also apply to workshops such as Pathways of Wellness.
  • Free Legal aid – Attorneys from Dallas County work with seniors on helping them applying for benefits, create wills or health directives, and help with consumer debt or insurance policies.
  • Vision Care – Clients can learn about where to get equipment, glasses, and even testing done. This can minimize blindness and improve eyesight.

The Dallas County Agency on Aging does not offer their own financial aid, but they can provide information on benefits. Counseling is used to understand the senior citizens needs as well as their current financial status. Based on results, information is given to them in a free, non-judgmental manner.





There is extensive information around health or dental care, specifically Medicare or Medicaid. These insurance programs can help them reduce the costs of the care they need. Senior citizens have other financial help targeted at them too. Whether it is a government grant for paying for an electric bill, housing, or medication, the Dallas Aging on Aging case workers can go over the options. Or seniors can find additional resources for medical bill help.

Ensuring a senior citizen (no matter their income) has a low cost or free meal is always a goal. Whether there is a cost involved to the client or not depends on the applicant income and other factors such as donation levels. The two options include Congregate Meals as well as Meals on Wheels. One is brought to their home and another is served on site. Both will give the senior food that has 33 1/3 percent of the USDA required dietary allowance, so the meals are healthy.

Vouchers programs are also facilitated from the Dallas County Agency on Aging. They can be given to a caregiver as part of a respite service. It will allow them to take a break. Or a voucher can help pay for local transportation in Dallas, such as to a grocery store, the pharmacy, or a doctor appointment. There will often be a monetary contribution required from the senior citizen, but this service can help reduce their cost.

Seniors can also seek more hands up support when they can't need some extra help around the home. This may come in the form of some minor home repairs or updates for safety reasons. Or from time to time an older person may need some other chores done, and the personal care service may help with this. Whether it is installing a grab bar, doing some cleaning, or making a repair such as minor plumbing work, the Personal Assistance and/or Residential Repair programs may assist.




Caregiver programs in Dallas

The goal is to always help the senior live independently, but this may not always be possible. Some of them do in fact need caregivers. The Agency on Aging will also support those individuals as well using some or all of the following programs.

  • Ongoing advice – The staff work with caregivers on their needs. They can help them develop a plan to address the needs of the older person, screen clients for financial aid that can help offset some of the bills incurred, and other support groups are available.
  • Workshops and classes – The Dallas County Agency on Aging will share information with the caregiver in order to educate them and improve services.
  • Financial support – Caregivers can also attend the counseling sessions on how to apply for medical, food programs, or other resources.

Some of the programs listed above overlap as well. This means they can benefit both seniors or their caregivers. For more information and details on all assistance programs available, the Dallas County Agency on Aging is at 1341 W. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Texas 75247. Dial 214-871-5065.

By Jon McNamara

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