Middlesex New Jersey credit counseling.

Find where to get credit counseling in Middlesex New Jersey. A number of non-profit agencies provide homeowners and individuals with budget counseling to help people reduce or eliminate debts, housing counseling and mortgage delinquency advice, and other services such as bankruptcy counseling and education.

The leading organizations to call or apply at for help are below. While not all have offices in Middlesex County, those that do will provide both in-person and telephone counseling to clients. Specialists from the non-profits can help individuals negotiate debt repayment plans in cooperation with creditors. These agencies may be able to help people pay off their credit card bill and medical debts. Counselors can assist individuals in resolving credit problems to help establish/re-establish credit. They may also offer community education programs on money management and the wise use of credit. Additional services for Middlesex families include pre-purchase counseling and foreclosure prevention.

Middlesex Consumer Credit Counseling
Phone number - (888) 726 - 3260
This is an organization that has offices across New Jersey and also serves individuals in Middlesex County New Jersey. Services include debt management programs, credit advice, housing and mortgage delinquency counseling, and more.

Money Management International
Toll free number - (866) 336 – 0624
The non-profit MMI provides free or low cost, yet high quality professional financial guidance. This can include credit repair, help for credit card and other debts and loans, and budgeting and bankruptcy assistance. This organization is a federal government HUD-approved housing counseling agency and offers mortgage default as well as reverse mortgage counseling as well.

Society for the Preservation of Continued Homeownership
Call (732) 571 – 9464
Offers nonprofit pre-foreclosure counseling, non foreclosure alternatives, and proactive intervention.





Consumer Credit Counseling of Central New Jersey
Phone number - (609) 586 – 0668
Seminars on credit/budgeting available among other services. Negotiates debt repayment plans in cooperation with creditors and banks.

Puerto Rican Action Board, Inc.
Address: 90 Jersey Ave
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901-3258
Middlesex New Jersey residents can use the services offered by the Housing Coalition Unit. The non-profit is also approved by the federal government as a HUD certified organization. Programs are offered for the low to moderate income, and non-English speakers may also access the various mortgage and foreclosure assistance programs.

Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling, Inc.
Phone number - 888-738-8233

Affinity Federal Credit Union
Dial 800-325-0808
Budgeting, credit repair, and advice is offered by this location. Credit unions also tend to offer lower interest rate loan products to consumers, which can in effect help people save money on home or car loans.




By Jon McNamara

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