Las Vegas credit counseling agencies.

Many consumers and homeowners in Las Vegas need help dealing with debts, access to affordable foreclosure prevention, and credit repair services. A number of non-profit agencies across Clark County and the city of Las Vegas offer free or low cost credit counseling, information on foreclosure and mortgage assistance programs, debt consolidation, HUD certified counseling, and other financial services.

The weak housing market and high number of foreclosures is one of the main reasons that individuals in Las Vegas have run up various debts, including credit cards. Homeowners had to decide between paying their mortgage or other bills and debts, and many choose to pay their home loans. Now many need help to improve their credit scores and getting caught up with other debts and expenses. They need assistance to get back on track with all of their financial obligations.

Non-profit credit counseling agencies in Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada can provide a number of free services to qualified clients. Individuals have the ability to meet face to face and confidentially with a counselor to explore a variety of foreclosure prevention, debt consolidation, budgeting, and even bankruptcy (if needed) assistance programs. Most of the locations are also HUD certified housing counseling locations too. Find the locations of the leading non-profit credit counselors in Nevada below and get information on the services they offer.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service – There are a few offices for this non-profit agency around Las Vegas. Call the center to meet confidentially and one-on-one with a counselor. Access budget counseling, free foreclosure prevention and money management, all of which is offered to individuals and families across Clark County Nevada. Counselors also provide debt and credit education workshops and seminars. People can attend these sessions and receive advice and support. All of this can be used to help prevent and eliminate credit and debt problems, whether medical or credit card.

The non-profit is also a federal government HUD certified housing and foreclosure counseling agency. The center provides pre-foreclosure support, information on mortgage assistance programs, reverse mortgage counseling, delinquency and pre-purchase counseling. Learn how to apply for down-payment assistance grants and Individual Development accounts for first time homebuyers. The non-profit can also help homeowners and borrowers establish debt repayment plans utilizing creditor and/or mortgage servicer cooperation.





  • Main office is 2650 S. Jones, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146, phone (702) 364-0344
  • Other locations are 2920 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89014 as well as Nellis AFB,  Las Vegas, NV 89191

Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada (NHS) – This organization has more of a focus on housing, mortgage assistance, and foreclosure prevention in the Las Vegas region. The non-profit provides clients with homebuyer education, home buying counseling, financial assistance, free or low cost foreclosure-prevention services, credit counseling and down-payment assistance in the form of grants as well as low-interest loans. Programs offered and referred to by the agency allows low to moderate income people who can afford to buy a house, but might not have any savings or money (for down payment) to pay those costs and get into a home. 1849 Civic Center Drive, North Las Vegas, Nevada 89030, 702-649-0998

Women's Development Center (WDC) – A service known as The Homeownership Services Program offers one-on-one counseling services and educational services that are specific to homebuyer services, debt reduction, credit counseling, foreclosure intervention, and financial literacy. Homeownership Services Program, 4020 Pecos McLeod, Las Vegas, NV 89121, (702) 796-7770

Credit Advisors Foundation – Based in another state, but provides services in Nevada. 402-393-3100

Housing For Nevada – Resources offered include mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling, pre-purchase advice and counseling, and also New Homeowner workshops. Phone: 702-270-0300. 285 E. Warm Springs Rd, Suite 100, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Las Vegas office of Springboard. This is the local office of the national non-profit credit counseling agency. They provide free budget counseling and advice to qualified clients. Specialists can direct consumers to debt management plans. Other services focus around offering area homeowners access to a variety of foreclosure prevention and mortgage assistance programs, which are needed in the region. 2300 West Sahara Avenue, Suite 800, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102, Phone: 800-947-3752




By Jon McNamara

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