Credit counseling agencies Hartford.

Non-profit credit counseling agencies in Hartford Connecticut provide debt management assistance, financial guidance, credit repair and counseling, community-wide educational programs, bankruptcy counseling, budgeting and education services. Many of these services may even be offered for free to income qualified clients.

In addition, many of the Hartford agencies are also federal government HUD approved housing counseling agencies and offer homeowners mortgage default and reverse mortgage counseling and well as free foreclosure prevention. Housing services include home buying resources and assistance programs, help for predatory lending, and also post-occupancy education and counseling. Call the Hartford non-profit credit/housing agencies below to apply for help or to get more information.

Financial Counselors Of America
Address: 1165 Main Street Suite 310
East Hartford, Connecticut 06108-2245
Phone number - (877) 475-4238
Get referrals and apply for debt management plans, counseling workshops, and programs that can help individuals pay their bills.

Money Management International
225 Pitkin Street Suite 300
East Hartford, Connecticut 06108
Telephone number - (866) 336-0624
A national non-profit credit counseling agency that also operates in Hartford. They are federal government HUD approved, so can provide foreclosure prevention resources. Also get help in dealing with credit card debts, bills, and other services like credit repair and bankruptcy assistance.





Connecticut Association For Human Services (CAHS)
Money School
110 Bartholomew Avenue Suite 4030
Hartford, CT 06106-2232

Location - 20-28 Sargeant Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
Telephone number - (860) 236-3617

Housing Education Resource Center (HERC)
901 Wethersfield Avenue 2nd Floor
Hartford, CT 06114
Primary phone number - (860) 296-4242
Housing programs are offered. Speak to a counselor to learn about reverse mortgages, home buying programs, and how to get foreclosure assistance from your lender or the government.

Community Renewal Team, Inc.
395 Wethersfield Ave
Hartford, Connecticut 06114
Dial 860-560-5600
Coordinates budgeting, credit repair, and financial education.

Mutual Housing Association Of Greater Hartford, Inc.
Main office 95 Niles Street
Hartford, Connecticut 06105
Dial 860-296-1797 extension 14 for information on various mortgage delinquency and credit counseling programs.




By Jon McNamara

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