Support services from Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio.

The staff at the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio provide assistance to seniors and the disabled in the counties of Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, and Warren. Much of what they offer is information, such as on the government resource known as MyCare, or they may in some cases serve meals, including home delivery for seniors and the disabled. Other forms of assistance may also be arranged by the Council.

In an effort to feed those that need it, what is offered through each of the centers are various meal as well as emergency food programs. It combined government and private aid. There are Meals on Wheels and other services. They will deliver hot, fresh meals to low-income seniors who are unable to shop on their own or leave their homes. This service is available Monday through Friday.

On the weekends and holidays, there are also frozen meals. They will also try to feed people in Hamilton County before inclement weather days. For Meals on Wheels participants with pets, the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio also offer pet foods. These too will be home delivered through the Animeals Program.

Many of the thousands of local Ohio individuals who provide care for the disabled, chronically ill or aged family members or friends often do not realize that they qualify as caregivers. This critical tasks done by caregivers help with life’s basic needs and tasks, such as grocery shopping, running errands, housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, personal care (bathing, getting dressed), and so much more. Many who care for others will often minimize what they do by saying that they are just doing what any child or spouse would do, but that is not really true.

Respite can be arranged by Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio. This can help those who may sometimes be on the verge of going into resentment, frustration and burn-out. Those individuals who even have additional responsibilities beyond that, such as children or maybe a full time job, often feel even greater stress and pressure.

The Council on Aging’s Caregiver Support and Education Program is available to help residents in counties such as Clermont or Hamilton. They are likely to benefit from government or non-profit programs when they’ve identified themselves as caregivers.




The Care Transitions Program from the agency provides free health coaching as well as intervention for older adults who have been hospitalized for serious and often chronic health care conditions. Examples of this may be cancer or heart failure. The program’s goals are to help seniors as well as the disabled avoid future hospital admissions. The program can also help them find post-acute medical care and other in-home and community-based services. Or they can learn how to prevent unnecessary nursing facility placement.

Long-term care is provided in a wide variety of settings. Seniors that live in Ohio can have it done right at home, in assisted living facilities or maybe at in adult day centers. This type of care becomes necessary when a patient becomes unable to perform daily activities on their own, such as dressing, bathing, preparing food, managing medications, or handling personal paperwork.

Often, residents of the area learn about options for long-term care the hard way, such as when they or their loved ones are faced with it. Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio can help people deal with this need, including addressing finances, health insurance, and legal matters that can`t be properly addressed during a crisis.

The Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is also the Assisted Living Waiver administrator for Warren, Butler, Clermont, Clinton, Hamilton, and other counties. This means that they are responsible for many activities, including case and contract management in regard to assisted living facilities.

This service gives Medicaid-eligible adults an opportunity to live in approved centers as an alternative to long-term care in nursing homes. Assisted living offers more privacy, independence, as well as many more opportunities for social interaction. So of the assistance for a senior citizen can include homemaking, 24-hour response, personal care with grooming and bathing, scheduled non-medical transportation, three hot meals a day, and social and recreational programming.

A similar option is known as Community Transition Services. This is a program that will assist clients who are leaving nursing facilities. They can get help from Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio with enrolling in the Assisted Living Waiver, purchasing household furnishings or clothing, and accessing other items that they may have given up when moving into the nursing facilities.





Health care services from Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio

MyCare Ohio is a managed care program for residents of the several county service area that are receiving both Medicare and Medicaid benefits. It is administered by the Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) and partners such as Council on Aging of Southwestern. Together they coordinate medical services under a single insurance plan, ensuring that participants get the care they need.

This program streamlines the process. It allows patients the ability to call a single resource to discuss Medicare and Medicaid benefits. In addition, the services that are part of MyCare Ohio plans are focused on members, providing support for seniors’ independence as well information about health care choices. Council on Aging team members are a part of a team of professionals that delivers services to some MyCare Ohio participants.

Medicare fraud and billing errors cost many people a significant amount of money. For questions on any bills, contact the Council on Aging and request their Senior Medicare Patrol Program. A volunteer will work with the patient to make sense of Medicare Summary Notices and other medical bills and statements. They can refer people to an advocate in Hamilton or Clermont County and provide related education and outreach services.

For more details on resources for seniors or their caregivers, the Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio is located at 175 Tri County Pkwy., Cincinnati, Ohio 45246. Call them at 513-721-1025.



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