Cool for Wake free fan program.

The Cool for Wake program is available for seniors and the elderly in Wake County North Carolina. With the hot and humid summers in the region, senior citizens who are unable to cool their homes or who don’t qualify for any other government or public aid may qualify for free fans from Wake County's Cool for Wake program. This is offered for extreme conditions and when there are no other options available.

The program will normally run from June to September of each year. Cool for Wake will provide free fans, and maybe even air conditioners, to qualified low income individuals. Much of the program is funded from donations, so Cool for Wake also accepts donations from the community including monetary contributions as well as new window unit air conditioners. All of the contributions go directly to seniors and the needy in the region.

The county is continually encouraging community members to support the 'Cool for Wake' programs by donating good-condition or new fans or AC units. They will also encourage the well off to make monetary contributions to help Wake County and Raleigh North Carolina residents in need. A donation to the Cool for Wake program can have a positive impact for an individual or family whose health can deteriorate quickly during times of high heat and humidity that are very common in North Carolina. All funds contributed go directly to the needy and not administrative costs.

Monetary donations, fans, or new or gently used window unit air conditioners should be made to the Community Resources office. This is located on the first floor of the Wake County Human Services Swinburne Building, 220 Swinburne St., Raleigh, NC. All donations, including money, fans, or AC units are tax deductible.





The Cool for Wake program started back in 1991 as a complement to Wake County's Warmth for Wake program. These two resources provide energy bill assistance, including cooling and heating, to qualified individuals and seniors during the summer or winter months. In a typical summer, the program will help almost 500 households during the hot and humid summer season. The demand has been increasing during the recent, difficult economic times.

To determine if you can qualify, for more information, or to donate to the Cool for Wake program, dial 919-212-7083. Demand is very high for the fans and air conditioners units, and the number of people assisted will greatly depend on the total amount of donations for a certain period.







By Jon McNamara

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