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Mortgage help and foreclosure assistance Connecticut.

Find assistance for paying your mortgage and get foreclosure help in all areas including Bridgeport and Hartford. There are five main programs in Connecticut. One is the CT FAMLIES program, offered directly by the state, and the second is the Mortgage Relief Initiative, which is being managed by several banks. There is also Connecticut HERO as well as assistance from the Mortgage Relief Initiative. Last, but not least, Connecticut also offers foreclosure mediation.


The CT FAMLIES Program is a mortgage refinance solution that helps homeowners lower their payments by refinancing into a fixed rate, 30-year mortgage

  • What types of mortgages are eligible to apply for CT FAMLIES
    At this time the CT FAMLIES program is open to those who have an Adjustable Rate Mortgage, homeowners who have a fixed rate, Interest Only, Option ARMs or Pick-A-Pay Adjustable Rate Mortgages. Almost all home loans are eligible.
  • What if I cannot afford the closing costs to refinance my mortgage?
    The program can still help. In addition to a CT FAMLIES first mortgage, you may be eligible for a CT FAMLIES second mortgage, which can assist with your need for paying for financing of closing costs or other related loan expenses.
  • I owe more money on my home than my property is worth. Can CT FAMLIES still help me?
    In most instances, yes, the program can still meet your needs. A CT FAMLIES second mortgage is available which can help to bridge the gap between your home’s current value and the amount owed on your current mortgage. This will be the primary tool for borrowers in that situation.
  • What will the new interest rate on my mortgage be?
    When you refinance into a new CT FAMLIES mortgage loan, you new payment will be based on the interest rate of a 30-year fixed rate mortgage. All interest rates are very competitive.

Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (EMAP)

The state of Connecticut EMAP mortgage assistance program is administered by CHFA (Connecticut Housing Finance Authority) and it provides emergency mortgage assistance payments to homeowners who are suffering a financial hardship or some form of crisis. The support is provided in the form of a new mortgage that will be a 30-year, fixed rate fully amortizing loan. It can make the home more affordable.




The financial hardship can include anything from a loss of income, reduction in work hours, up to and including increases in mortgage payment amounts or other housing expenses, including costs of heat and utilities, or property taxes. CHFA will review and assess each application.

Prior to commencing a foreclosure proceeding against a homeowner in Connecticut, mortgage lenders and banks are required, and need to by law, give the homeowner a notice by certified or registered mail. This needs to indicate to the homeowner that they have up to 60 days from the date of the notice to discuss options with the lender or hold a face-to-face meeting with a HUD-approved housing mortgage counselor in an attempt to resolve the default.

The notice provided needs to inform the borrower about the EMAP program from CHFA. If after discussion, the mortgage lender and the borrower can’t resolve the late payments or default, the borrower still has 60 days from receipt of the written notice to apply for the EMAP mortgage assistance program.

In addition, a homeowner or borrower already in the foreclosure process may still qualify for EMAP. The criteria for this situation include the borrower:

  • (1) does not meet the criteria for the CT FAMLIES aid program and
  • (2) the borrower has taken the necessary steps to negotiate with their lender directly OR they have met through a face-to-face meeting with a mortgage counselor and
  • (3) the homeowner has been unsuccessful in solving their default or delinquency, they may apply for EMAP.

Dial (860) 721-9501

Homeowner's Equity Recovery Opportunity (HERO) Loan Program

The Connecticut HERO loan program allows the state of Connecticut to buy eligible mortgages directly from lenders. After this transaction occurs the state can then place the mortgage borrowers on an affordable mortgage repayment plan.

To be qualified for this assistance program, a borrower must have failed to qualify for the programs indicated above, including the CT FAMLIES or EMAP. CHFA needs to determine if the mortgage borrower is eligible for HERO and CHFA must successfully negotiate with the borrower’s lender to purchase the mortgage. CHFA would then need to alter the repayment terms of the mortgage to make the loan affordable to the homeowner. Only after all of this occurs will the state be able to provide some form of relief to the family.





Connecticut Fair Housing Center

This is an organization that helps homeowners, lenders, borrowers, and housing counselors throughout Connecticut. It helps anyone who is involved in the housing crisis. People can gain access to information, programs, and various resources. Read more on how it can help and find details on the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.

Non-profit foreclosure counseling

Several non-profit organizations exist in Connecticut. The HUD certified non-profit agencies provide Connecticut homeowners with foreclosure counseling and assistance programs. Many of the services are offered at no cost to income qualified clients. Learn more on free HUD counseling in Connecticut.

Bank of America customers in Connecticut

If your mortgage was originated by, or is currently held by Bank of America or Countrywide, then you can get free foreclosure counseling. The lender will also offer help in applying for mortgage assistance. BOA has opened a center in Connecticut that allows borrowers the ability to meet face to face with specialists and review all programs as well as solutions to a potential foreclosure filing.

To date the bank has helped tens of thousands of homeowners across the nation and the state avoid or stop a foreclosure filing. Read more Bank of America Connecticut mortgage programs.

Free workshops and clinics

If you are behind on your mortgage, facing foreclosure, or just need to get more information on various mortgage assistance programs in Connecticut, then a free foreclosure clinic is an option for you. Sessions are held all across the state. Housing counselors, government representatives, and banks and mortgage servicers are all represented at the clinics. Individuals will be able to meet face to face with specialists to explore their options, and all services are offered at no cost to homeowners in Connecticut. Read more on foreclosure clinics in Connecticut.

Connecticut Foreclosure Prevention from EFPP

A statewide initiative is aimed at stopping homelessness in Connecticut. The Eviction and Foreclosure Prevention Program, or EFPP, combines mediation, government grants, and counseling among other services. Each is intended to provide help to homeowners, including with their mortgage,

EFPP is available in each city, town, and county. Grants and free counseling is provided by non-profits as well as charities. They will work with the bank or lender, as well as homeowner, to find a solution. It combines financial aid for a mortgage, loan refinancing, employment, and more. Call 211 for referrals to a local provider.

Mortgage Relief Initiative

The Mortgage Relief initiative is focused on the New England area and the mortgage assistance program has grown from five regional banks to nearly fifty banks of every size with branches that are located throughout much of New England and in Connecticut.

The banks that are participating in this program represent a safe and sound place to discuss both your financial situation and credit needs, with expertise and respect.

Whenever possible, the banks that are participating in this mortgage assistance initiative will help eligible homeowners refinance their current mortgage into a conventional loan that will better meet their needs and which will help them lower their monthly payments. Other resources may also be administered to those individuals who are struggling.





Who Can We Help?
The banks will help those homeowners who have high-rate, resetting, or nontraditional loans who are having difficulty paying their mortgage bills. Or if you expect to struggle in the future, you may still qualify.

The banks participating in the Mortgage Relief Initiative, which include Citizens Bank (1-888-411-1145), Sovereign Bank (800.288.6225), TD Banknorth, Webster, Bank of America, and banks that are part of the Massachusetts Bankers Association. These banks have agreed to the following.

  • have pledged to reach out to those borrowers that have a high-rate mortgages with difficult payment terms;
  • are expanding their utilization of various assistance programs that should help mortgage borrowers that have limited home equity. These programs include programs like Federal Housing Authority loans and HAMP, as well as loans that are guaranteed by state agencies;
  • have also designated one or more "go to" lenders that can help borrowers explore their various mortgage relief options;

Unfortunately the Mortgage Relief banks cannot help everyone - in particular those borrowers who are seriously delinquent on their payments. Those borrowers who owe far more on their loan than the current value of their home because prices have fallen and those who may be facing imminent foreclosure may also find it difficult to receive assistance.

By Jon McNamara


















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