Connecticut foreclosure prevention clinics.

A number of clinics are open across the state of Connecticut, and most of them will provide free or low cost advice and foreclosure counseling to any homeowner who is behind on their mortgage and/or facing foreclosure. The services are offered for any residents, regardless of their income, bank, lender, or mortgage servicer. Most of them will not require a pre-registration, and rarely will there be a cost to participants.

The primary goal is to help homeowners know their rights in the foreclosure legal process, and to help them find assistance. For example, the clinics across Connecticut will offer participants information about the foreclosure mediation as well as the judicial process. A specialist will work with the homeowner and offer guidance and help them prepare the documents they need to bring to court. You can also learn about many other resources that are available, such as HUD certified housing counseling agencies, federal and state of Connecticut mortgage programs, and about bank and lender foreclosure assistance programs. At most of the clinics homeowners will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with paralegals, law students and/or volunteer attorneys to discuss their own personal situation.

While each clinic will have their own process and methods in place, at many of them a representative from the state of Connecticut Department of Banking and a Foreclosure Mediation Specialist from the state’s Judicial Branch will also speak. This is in addition to homeowners having access to and getting advice from the clinic’s Foreclosure Prevention attorneys.

Borrowers can receive a wide range of advice, support, and information from the centers. Participants will be exposed to a short talk on the foreclosure process, as well as get details on how mediation works in Connecticut. Learn about all of the federal government mortgage assistance programs, solutions from banks and lenders, and much more.





Locations of foreclosure prevention clinics in Connecticut

Hartford – There is usually a clinic on the third Tuesday of every month. It doesn’t always occur, but it is normally offered that time of the month. The foreclosure clinic would run from 5:30-8:00 p.m. in a University of Hartford building. Many of the clinics are run in partnership with the University of Hartford’s Paralegal Studies Program. Call 860-263-0731 for more details, schedules, and directions.

Fairfield County will usually have a foreclosure prevention clinic on the third Wednesday of every month.  This as well is not offered every month, but it is the normal schedule. It will usually be held in a municipal building somewhere in the county, such as Norwalk. Clinics in Fairfield County have been operating since early 2011. Most are run in partnership with Homes Saved By Faith. The foreclosure prevention clinics in Fairfield County are jointly sponsored by many other non-profits, charities and government organizations as well, such as the mayors of Norwalk, Bridgeport, and Stamford. To get more details dial 860-263-0731.

Residents New London County Connecticut, including the cities of Norwich and New London, also have resources that they can turn to. The foreclosure prevention clinics in that region are normally provided by Catholic Charities through the housing counseling they provide. Dial 860-889-8346.

Homeowners in the Greater New Haven region, including Milford, New Haven, Meriden, and East Haven, have access to foreclosure clinics too. Most of the assistance is offered by Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) of New Haven as well as CT Fair Housing Center. These free sessions are usually held on Tuesdays.

The New Haven HomeOwnership Center as well as Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven try to help as many families as possible who may be behind on their loan or delinquent on their mortgage. The process is usually tedious and time-consuming process due to the complexity of people’s personal financial situations and their mortgages. Call (203) 777-6925 for a schedule of clinics

  • Norwalk - City Hall, 125 East Avenue, phone (860) 247-4400
  • Stamford - Government Center, 888 Washington Boulevard, 4th Floor Cafeteria, 860-263-0731.
  • Brideport City Hall Annex, 999 Broad Street, OPED Conference Room (1st Floor)
  • Milford clinics. Dial (203) 789-8690 ext. 124 for details
  • Meriden and East Haven clinics: (203) 777-6925 ext. 26
  • Milford clinics: (203) 789-8690 ext. 124
  • Meriden and East Haven foreclosure prevention clinics. Telephone (203) 777-6925 ext. 26




By Jon McNamara

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