Community Organization for Missionary Endeavor programs.

The programs from Community Organization for Missionary Endeavor that are open to the public will generally be the thrift store as well as food pantry. The resources are able to both provide financial aid and also help with more basic needs, such as feeding a child or clothing a student or job seeker. When it comes to financial help from COME, this is more limited but there may be some resources available in Huntsville.

Since the goal of the non-profit baptist church is to break the cycle of poverty, applicants not only need to pay some of the bills or housing costs on their own (so they need to contribute), but the case worker will require other steps around self-sufficiency to be met. The resources from the Walker County Texas based agency are limited, and since donations pay for many of the programs, the client also needs to overcome their crisis and take the proper steps on their own.

Emergency Services are provided by the Community Organization for Missionary Endeavor intake department. Case managers will review a request. In some cases, they may offer emergency financial assistance by appointment only. There may be money to pay for a portion of utility bills and rent during certain times of the year. Another focus is on arranging medical care, including referring clients to health insurance plans from Obama care and other providers.

When someone has an appointment, volunteer intake workers provide the potential applicant with basic assessments and then referrals. If someone is not qualified, then referrals are offered regardless of the family’s income.

Other support services in Huntsville and Walker County may assist with obtaining identification cards (such as a driver's license or birth certificate), up to five days worth non-perishable food items, gasoline vouchers or free bus tokens for local job interviews and doctor’s appointments. Or there may be vouchers from COME for paying for some needed prescriptions.

Supplies such as Kitchen Essentials or Furniture may be sold by the COME thrift store. If the family income is low enough, then free items may be given in an effort to stop children from sleeping on the floor. Or their may be gently used cribs for new mothers.





Some other items for sale by the baptist church may be toasters, kitchen tables, chairs, plates, and silverware. The savings from using the store will free up a resident's income for expenses such as utility or security deposits, rent and other important bills.

Not only is the store available, but in some exceptional cases the Community Organization for Missionary Endeavor charity will offer other goods. Volunteers from the community of Huntsville Texas collect everything from school supplies to toys for Christmas. Based on an needs assessment that is done, children can be given clothing or supplies for school, gifts for a holiday, jackets and more.

COME distributes food to needy persons on behalf of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). These surplus, federal government items are allocated to qualified households each quarter at several sites, including their free food bank, which is located in Walker County. Applications are taken on an ongoing basis prior to each distribution.

If the pantry is empty, then on occasion gift certificates will be issued for shopping at either a local farmer market or a store. This will ensure that the family has some form of food for the short term. Any gift cards are rare though.

Hot, nutritious meals are prepared for elderly persons by the faith based group. They are served five days per week at a senior center, which is a partner of the ministry. Or the low income senior citizen can try to apply for Meals on Wheels.




Furthermore, the home delivery service is for low-income, ill and/or homebound individuals with disabilities residing within Walker County. The goal is to provide meals so they can continue to live independently in their on home. Each week, clients receive seven frozen meals, fresh fruits, milk and other food items.

While the Community Organization for Missionary Endeavor does operate as a baptist church, anyone from the county can seek help. They are based at 350 State Highway 75 N, Huntsville, Texas 77320. Dial (936) 295-0671 for intake.


By Jon McNamara

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