Community Action Programs Inter-City.

Portion of Middlesex and Suffolk Counties in Massachusetts are supported by the Community Action Programs Inter-City. The non-profit organization assists qualified low income residents. Some of what may be offered includes grants for paying winter heating bills, free food, LIHEAP applications, and other forms of emergency assistance. Much of these is paid for by federal government issued grants.

Financial resources for bills, housing, or rent

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, also known as Fuel Assistance, has been helping low-income households. The non-profit agency, through this resources and government grants, helps the poor and struggling in Middlesex and nearby towns in Massachusetts.

Eligible clients for the services of this program are households at a government approved poverty level. The LIHEAP resource provides assistance and credits on accounts that can be used with paying heating bills payments from November 1st to April 30th. It runs yearly.

Additionally, enrolled applicants may receive discounts on their natural gas, electric and maybe even Verizon phone bills. This fuel assistance is available in Revere, Chelsea and also the town of Winthrop.

The state of Massachusetts LIHEAP program is administered at the state level by Division of Community Services, and Community Services Unit, (CDS/CSU) as well as the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

The federal government and CAPIC administered Weatherization Program provides its services to eligible applicants who want to make the home more energy efficient year round.

The steps are that an energy audit is completed first, and experienced, fully certified and insured contractors do all the work. The primary purpose of these energy conservation measures is to lower your heating bills by hundreds of dollars per year and up to 30 percent.

Not only that, but it will also increase the level of comfort. Conservation work may include the following measures. The work done on the home will be free health and safety checks, additional air sealing and weather stripping, extra insulation of attic and/or walls, replacement of leaky windows, and also heating system maintenance.




CAPIC provides financial assistance to at-risk families in emergency situations. It is for those who are in need in Middlesex and Suffolk County that require immediate relief for bills or say a rent payment.

The program works to identify and distribute available funding in the form of critical services to eligible applicants. Key partners of this program are Stop and Shop, Project Bread, Lend-A-Hand, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Chelsea Hunger Network and Anton Cleaner's Coats for Kids Program. Services include some or all of the following.

  • Assistance with SNAP Food Stamps, distribution of donated clothing, winter coats, and house ware goods, basic housing search assistance.
  • Free food vouchers.
  • Referrals to local food pantries and the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless.
  • Housing and temporary rental/utility assistance.
  • To families with stronger credit ratings, CAPIC can try to provide loans to pay rent if the funds will prevent an eviction and the applicant has some type of means to repay it in the future.

Community Action Programs Inter-City aims to assist families to sustain and obtain permanent housing in eastern Massachusetts. Case managers work with clients in an effort to avert shelter placement through the United Way Emergency Food and Shelter Rental/Mortgage Assistance funds.

HomeCorps Borrower Recovery Initiative - Mortgage help from Community Action Programs Inter-City is when the agency offers assistance to eligible applicants who are facing imminent foreclosure and those who have already been foreclosed on. Qualified individuals and families are entitled to services:

  • Permanent housing and apartment search assistance.
  • Referrals for home loan modification.
  • Budget and credit counseling.
  • Suggestions and referrals to other programs and services.

Education and self-sufficiency from CAPIC

Head Start is offered from the Community Action Programs Inter-City. The center offers the program for low-income children, infants and their parents can get help too. The service is designed to help each child grow socially, educationally, cognitively and physically.

Some of the major goals of the Head Start are providing a classroom experience and preparing children to be successful in Kindergarten and even after that. Each child is given an opportunity to learn and experience success at their own pace. Another benefit is the free, comprehensive nutrition program. This is also available to enrolled children from Middlesex County. Those students can enjoy free breakfast, lunch, and a snack for afternoon sessions.

Head Start is a program that helps the entire family both grow and learn. Therefore, parents can participate in a number of social service type activities that will help them improve their skills to find employment and achieve mid-term self-sufficiency.





Family Advocates and social workers work closely with each family to provide support, information and referrals. The goal is to help parents become more open and connected when it comes to their community. Courses and workshops are provided regularly that include information on parenting skills, child growth and development, free nutrition, health, and career planning.

Counseling is part of the Massachusetts Crisis Intervention Program. It coordinates immediate, short-term help to individuals who experience a crisis. The event needs to cause mental, physical, sickness, and behavioral distress or problems, which leave an individual helpless in using his abilities to solve issues.

Get assistance in dealing with custody issues, court cases and even restraining order requests. Eligible applicants can also use the comprehensive case management services, which include counseling and advocacy for violence issues. Confidentiality is guaranteed. The Program collaborates with partners such as the Department of Children & Families (DCF), MGH Revere Haven Program, and even the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

CAPIC Child Development Center is where Head Start and Day Care services occur. Community Action Programs Inter-City offers services to children through this center.

The assistance from this program include appropriate curriculum for preschool children, infants, toddlers and. Teachers work with them in order to develop skills concerning, reading, mathematics, science skills, fine motor skills, health, and music knowledge.

In addition to that, all enrolled children and students from Middlesex and Suffolk County are entitled to free nutritious meals such as free breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. In addition, a referral is available to a non-profit community resource for treatment for children who need screening, evaluation or individual counseling.

Workshops and other Groups are conducted at the center by outside organizations. The main purpose of these activities is to help children deal with a variety of issues. A supportive social and emotional atmosphere is provided, which fosters respect for differences of students.

The Responsible Payee Program is an effort to help people get on track financially. As part of the service, staff, which consists of a coordinator, works directly with the beneficiaries. They also partner with other service providers and act on behalf of the client. Their goal is to help applicants manage and budget their monthly income and government benefits. It will  help ensure that the money the client has are used for basic needs. Overall goal of the program is to provide applicants with a more stable environment.




Community Action Programs Inter-City provides help with job search, employment skills training, career counseling and awareness activities through the Revere Workforce Development Program.

This is a federal government funded resource that provides clients with job readiness services and training to unemployed and underemployed individuals. In addition, it helps low-income individuals gain self-sufficiency/employment. Services of the program include:
-Referrals to local non-profit agencies, hiring employers and businesses to identify potential job opportunities in the local Boston metropolitan area.
-Clients can also get short term needs met. This will be referrals to CAPIC programs, including rental help, housing services, heating assistance and child care.

Free tax return advice and preparation assistance is from VITA. This aid and counseling is for eligible clients. All of this is provided by specialists through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA) Program.

IRS trained, experienced community volunteers may help individuals apply for special credits, such as Earned Income Tax Credit. Free electronic filing (e-filing) is also available and it enables applicants to receive their refunds in much less time.

The agency offers other support too. The Community Action Programs Inter-City can be called at (617) 884-6130. Or stop by the offices at 113 Hawthorne Street, Chelsea, Massachusetts, 02150 or 100 Everett Avenue, Unit 14, Chelsea, MA 02150.

By Jon McNamara

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