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Community Action Partnership of Lake County Illinois assistance programs.

A few of the main programs from the Lake County Community Action Partnership include emergency rent and housing assistance, Head Start, weatherization, and LIHEAP heating bill grants. There are other resources available as well from the non-profit, including referrals and case management. More information on their services in the Lake County Illinois region and contact information is below.

Financial aid from community action in Lake County

Emergency financial assistance is offered in some cases. Any support from the Lake County Illinois Community Action Partnership will be one time only. There are a number of conditions that need to be met, and all resources are very limited.

Some basic needs can be met by a Thrift Store and Food Pantry. These may have free food, clothing, household goods, and any other needed items. The locations are open to qualified clients, and the community action agency will also process referrals from other social service groups and agencies.

In even more rare cases, Lake County families may be able to receive funds to pay for housing types expenses such as rent, an outstanding heating bill, medications, or security deposits. This type of support is even less common though, and the non-profit may decide to offer loans for those needs too.

Lake County Community Action Partnership can provide free gift cards or vouchers in some cases. They may be used at the thrift store for furniture. Or major focus is on women fleeing violence, the formerly homeless, or elderly. There are other resources as well, and find free furniture banks in Lake County Illinois.

Low Income Energy Assistance can help with fuel shortages and the increasing costs of monthly utility bills. For many residents of Lake County Illinois, the struggle against increasing fuel costs and heating bill is key to survival. So cash grants may be offered from LIHEAP. The other option, the Weatherization Program, will also reduce the impact of increasing fuel costs on the budgets of the poor, elderly, disabled.




Weatherization can help low-income families by reducing their home energy bills and costs. Updates are made to homes of qualified Lake County families. It can pay for the insulating of attics, weather-stripping, repairing and replacing heating systems, installing storm windows and making other minor repairs, caulking and more.

The other option, LIHEAP, or the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance, is designed to assist working poor households. Grants issued from the Community Action Partnership of Lake County and the federal government help with paying heating bills and energy costs. It is one time financial aid, and the amount of the payment is determined by size of the family, income, fuel type and geographic location.

Education, money management, and case management services

Case Management and Self-Sufficiency from the community action Family Development area provides help and guidance to clients. They will also receive a link to family development services. All of this was created to promote self-sufficiency.





Case managers will make available to the low income individual a diverse package of social services and information on public aid, such as LIHEAP, TANF cash assistance (or welfare) and food stamps. This will be made available to clients interested in becoming self-sufficient through intense case management. Economic literacy workshops and classes are available to assist with financial development, budgeting and saving techniques. This is mostly done through the Individual Development Account (IDA) Program. Or clients can find other information on welfare phone numbers.

Head Start is a child education and growth program. It is for low income families as well as children with a disability. Assessments are done on the child, and their parent can also benefit from various social services.

The objective of Head Start is to provide growth focused aid and services to children along with their families and parents. Assistance addresses short term needs and coordinates long term self-sufficiency.

The program provides education, health, free food/nutrition and disability services for children under the age of 6. If and when needed, children are provided bus transportation to and from the Lake County schools and Head Start sites whenever possible. All children from low income families will also receive vision, dental, developmental and hearing screenings.

The Community Action Partnership of Lake County as well as resources from Head Start try to address each child's needs and strength. Parent involvement in the growth of their child is also critical, so the non-profit helps in this capacity too and strongly encourages this.

When a child enrolls into Head Start, a free developmental screening takes place and reviews speech, preschool concepts, fine & gross motor, and social skills too. In addition to that, regular ongoing classroom monitoring occurs. If the child has a disability, then referrals to other agencies that provide mental health services are available.

Health and dental care is also offered for the Head Start qualified children. The students’ needs to meet certain medical standards in order to be enrolled.

Some of what may occur includes physical examinations and immunizations. Other medical care includes vision, hearing and free dental examination. This, and more, will all be provided as part of Head Start.





Free meals and snacks are part of Head Start and the nutrition services. Community Action Partnership of Lake County and the local school will serve up to 2 meals. The USDA, state of Illinois and the state of Illinois Health Department are key partner agencies as well. Or find more details on education from Head Start.

Location of community action in Lake County

Other services and referrals are offered too. The non-profit is one of the leading anti-poverty organization in the region. For more details, call the community action partnership. The address is 2424 Washington in Waukegan, Illinois 60079. Telephone: (847) 249-4330.

By Jon McNamara











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