Clinton County Michigan assistance programs.

Financial assistance for paying bills and other expenses

Saint Johns Seventh Day Adventist Community Service Center is a place to turn to if you have an emergency. The non-profit provides qualified individuals with limited assistance for paying bills. Receive up to $50 or under for medical bills and needs, utility shut off notices, rent and other emergencies, such as food. They may also be able to provide clothing or other items. Dial (989) 224-7779.

Another charity organization that may be able to help is the Society of Saint Vincent Depaul. Call them at (989)-292-7057 for more information or a listing of their services.

  • Mortgage and rent assistance - The agency provides limited funds and cash assistance, and funds are made available (generally up to $75) to help those facing a foreclosure or an eviction.
  • Car repairs - Limited assistance for automobile repairs.
  • Medications - The agency also provides very limited financial assistance for paying for prescriptions when no other help is available.
  • Utility and heating assistance - Get emergency assistance with paying for utility bills.
  • Clothing, household products, and other aid may be available as well.

Several different assistance programs are also offered by Capital Area Community Services. This is the local non-profit community action agency of Clinton County Michigan, and they provides direct financial assistance with heating bills and utility payments, rent assistance and mortgage payments. Keep in mind that cash assistance is available once in a 12 month period and the maximum amount provided to those who need help normally cannot exceed $1500 during that 12 month period. Recipients of help from the community action agency, who receive shelter and utility bill assistance must also participate in either an Energy Education or Money Management workshop. For example, get access to debt counseling, foreclosure prevention, and debt management plans.

Other options offered by Capital Area Community Services include energy Education workshops, which focus on techniques to reduce energy consumption and help people save on energy bills. The money management workshops as well as debt management plans focus on those priorities for household spending and ways to get the most out of the money available to low to moderate income individuals.





While all funding is limited, and they rely heavily on federal government grants, the agency will do its best to help the less fortunate, seniors, and low income. Housing, free food, rent, security deposits, and more all may be offered directly by the agency or through referral to other Clinton County Michigan agencies. Call the St. Johns based agency at (989) 224-6702. Or more on financial support from Capital Area Community Services.

Salvation Army is another organization in St. Johns Michigan that can refer people to local assistance programs, non-profits, provide free food, and other aid. From time to time they may even be able to offer financial assistance for expenses. (989) 224-1225, or learn more.

Housing Services of Clinton and Mid Michigan provides both mortgage and rental assistance. While financial aid is limited, they can often offer counseling and mediation. When funding allows, there are referrals to ESG grant programs for rent, utility costs, or security deposits as well as section 8 vouchers. Other eviction prevention services are available for low income families that were denied help from State of Emergency (SER). Click here.

Foreclosure help in Clinton County

Call the Michigan State Housing Development Authority at (517) 373-8370. They work with counselors across the region to help people deal with and/or avoid a foreclosure. Learn more on Michigan programs.

Food distribution centers

In addition to the resources above, other options include Mount Hope Saint John’s Family Church provides a week worth of food to those in need of help. Dial (989) 227-5366




Beacon of Hope Family Care Center ((866) 604-6447) makes food available to those who need help.

Redeemer United Methodist Church, among other things, provides approximately one weeks worth of groceries and/or free food to needy individuals and families in the community. In addition, they may be able to offer personal items, baby food and diapers, paper products/cleaning supplies, and other forms of aid which are also being distributed depending on availability. Call (517) 669-3430.

There are several other churches and charities that provide free food. In addition, some serve holiday meals or provide household supplies, such as paper products. A number of struggling families use the center, and read more on Clinton County food banks.

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