Cincinnati and Hamilton County Salvation Army programs.

Financial and emergency assistance may be available from the Salvation Army Family Service program. Services are offered to Cincinnati families and also cover other regions including the greater Hamilton, northern Kentucky and Kenton County area. Case managers and social workers can help people apply for resources that range from emergency rent help, funds to pay utility bills, food programs, and other aid. All services and support is confidential, and if the Salvation Army can’t meet your needs they may be able to refer you to other agencies in northern Kentucky or Hamilton County Ohio. Services include some or all of the following.

  • Transportation – This can include rides for senior citizens, vouchers for gasoline, and bus tokens. Most of the transportation is offered for people who need to get to a job interview or doctor appointment.
  • Food pantry – Groceries, canned goods, and holiday meals may be distributed.
  • Clothing closet can have winter coats, or work/school uniforms for Cincinnati Ohio residents.
  • Budget counseling can help people get back on track with their finances.
  • Utilities – Get help with heating bills from HeatShare, or funds to pay electric or water bills in a crisis.
  • Rent – Funds are for people who are facing an eviction from their home or apartment.
  • Furniture and household items may be on site, as well as thrift stores.
  • Support services for housing, employment, and job training.

HeatShare Energy Fund is offered in partnership between Duke Energy and the Salvation Army. It runs during the winter, and can help qualified low income families pay their heating bills. Call 513-762-5636 for more details or to apply for help.

Emergency Shelter is the oldest emergency housing program in Hamilton County. It will provide shelter and support while someone works towards self-sufficiency. Housing is offered primarily to single women and their children. In addition to a place to stay, also get hot meals, advice, employment or training programs, case management services, and develop money management skills. Meet with a social worker to overcome barriers and challenges that prevent people from becoming self-sufficient. Call 513-381-7233 to reach the Emergency Shelter program.





Permanent or Transitional Housing is offered to the disabled, and people who can work themselves out of a shelter environment. The goals of this Salvation Army program are to provide formerly evicted or homeless people with permanent housing, jobs, and increased income. The case manager who is assigned to you will provide assistance in creating a budget, finding appropriate housing, assisting with a job search, offer information on renter's rights, and provide referrals to community resources. All referrals and suggestions to the Permanent Housing program are made through The Cincinnati and Hamilton County Homeless Family Shelters.

Westside Learning Center is an infant daycare program that is available to the Price Hill and surrounding community of Cincinnati. There are two main components of this center. For toddlers, infants, and kids in pre-school, there is a program that runs from 6:15 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on each business day. For slightly older children, which is those who range from kindergarten through age 12, there is year round day care offered for both before and after school care. The program is available all day long during the summer. When a child attends the day care, they will be exposed to early-learning experiences that help children meet their educational and development milestones, as well as prepare them for school.

Seniors in Northern Kentucky and the greater Cincinnati area can get assistance. Some of the programs include Community Cares Ministry as well as Booth Residence. These services can, among other things, provide housing for low to moderate income seniors with physical handicaps or mobility impairments. Meals and daily activities are provided. Call 513-242-4482 for information on Booth. Community Care Ministries will help ensure seniors and the homebound receive some type of visitation from volunteers.

The Hamilton and Kenton County Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services can help those families who have been impacted by a man-made or natural disaster. Volunteers and others are trained to deal with the situation, and can provide clothing, food, housing or financial aid and resource to those affected by a disaster.





Adopt-a-Family is offered for both seniors and other struggling families. School, agencies, and churches will often refer individuals to this Salvation Army program, and hundreds of people are “adopted” by members of the community every year. Individuals can receive needy items such as clothing, food, and other gifts. This is mostly organized and runs off the generosity of community members, so donate or volunteer if you can.

Toy Shop – Thousands of books, gifts and free toys are distributed by this annual Salvation Army drive/shop. Various gifts and toys from this program are made available through the hard work of the Salvation Army as well as the U.S. Marines Reserve and their Toys for Tots program. In addition, financial contributions and donations from people across Hamilton County are used to help purchase toys and items for the program. Most of the items are provided the children under the age of 13. Families that wish to participate in Toy Shop can register, and the session usually opens in November. Stop by a center for more information or to sign up.

Holiday Gift Baskets and Meals are offered to low income and working poor families that might not otherwise have a great meal for Thanksgiving or Christmas. The Salvation Army and their holiday programs rely upon the generosity of local donors, businesses and charities in the Cincinnati area to supply the contents for these bountiful gift baskets. Financial contributions are always needed as well, and they provide the means to purchase items for the baskets.

Salvation Army Family Service Bureaus in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, and northern Kentucky are located at the following locations.

Cincinnati/Hamilton County – Call 513-762-5660
Clermont County: 513-732-6328
Northern Kentucky region can be called at 859-491-5180
In Cincinnati Ohio, the centers can be reached at the following locations.
Batavia Corps; 87 N. Market St.; phone 513-732-6241
The Citadel, which is downtown. Address is 120 East Central Parkway; 513-762-5649
Center Hill Corps; 6381 Center Hill Ave; 513-242-9100
West Side Corps is located at 3503 Warsaw Ave. Dial 513-251-1424




In Northern Kentucky the locations are at the following.

Covington Corps. 1806 Scott Boulevard; 859-261-0835
Newport Corps; 340 W. 10th St. Call 859-431-1063 for intake


By Jon McNamara

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