Housing and other programs from Chrysalis Center.

A wide range of individuals are assisted by Chrysalis Center, ranging from veterans to the homeless and disabled. The non-profit organization can help stop evictions, offer rehousing support such as assistance for paying security deposits, and referrals to low income housing or apartments. The goal is to both prevent homelessness and care for those that have no place to live.

Chrysalis serves hundreds of residents who live in supportive housing, including homeless veterans and their families. The agency’s community supportive housing services also help homeless individuals struggling with substance abuse, mental illness, disability and/or HIV/AIDS.

Help in locating a home

As part of the resources available, Chrysalis Center supports clients in finding, obtaining and maintaining permanent affordable housing. They work to accomplish this goal by helping them apply for government subsidies or direct rental assistance. They also are involved in providing instruction on apartment leases and good tenancy.

Once someone is settled, the organization also helps clients acquire home furnishings, pursue job training and education, and attain long term employment. As part of the community supportive housing services solutions that are administered in Hartford County, clients take responsibility for their physical and mental health, learn daily living skills, apply for entitlement benefits such as SSI or section 8, and establish relationships with community resources. Chrysalis is planning to continue to increase the scope of its services in order to be able to provide additional aid to the homeless community.

Case management services provides by staff and volunteers support individuals and families in complicated circumstances, including situations that involve domestic violence, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, homelessness and incarceration release. Chrysalis counselors work with clients to identify their needs and establish goals.

As part of this, the participants are directed to community resources that can help them achieve self-sufficiency, and support from Chrysalis is provided to clients for as long as it is needed. Case management offers assistance with accessing affordable housing as well applying for rent subsidies, and that is a focus. There may also be government grants to pay for rental costs, or some local organizations may offer no interest loans.




Other case management services include applications for government entitlement benefits, job training, employment, support for physical and mental health issues, education and daily living skills. Clients will work with a staff member of these tasks.

The organization recognizes that individuals suffering from mental illness and/or addiction may be disengaged from family and friends. As such, Chrysalis Center offers its recovery and empowerment center as a safe location for persons in the recovery process to associate with peers and find support. They too will have access to job training, education, and social activities, health and wellness programming.

Not only will that, but someone with a physical or mental challenge will have many opportunities for advocacy and empowerment. This is one of the keys services available at the center. The recovery and empowerment center also features courses in computer skills, group meetings, free Christmas celebrations, and outings to community sites and events.

All over the central and upper Connecticut region, families in danger of being homeless use rapid re-housing programs to find stability. These resources rely on federal funding, and they may be able to provide one-time cash assistance or short-term subsidies.

These local rapid re-housing programs have great potential to be high-impact, low-cost complements to permanent supportive housing strategies. Together they can be used to help reduce long-term homelessness in towns across Hartford County. The organization collaborates with state officials or other local charities to develop successful programs throughout Connecticut.





Employment services from Chrysalis Center

Job placement and training are available in Hartford from Chrysalis. The agency provides community employment services to not only help struggling individuals make money and pay their bills or rent on time, but also give them structure, purpose and community connections.

The organization adds that employment leads to independence and self-sufficiency, contributing to a greater sense of pride and accomplishment among the formerly homeless or those that are struggling. Consequently, the agency encourages all clients to seek job training or to increase their education or employment prospects.

As part of this process, case managers assess the skills and interests of clients in order to form objectives for training, education or employment, and then uses computer resources to help individuals find job opportunities somewhere in the local market. The non-profit organization also helps clients practice for job interviews, draft strength-based résumés, procure job-appropriate clothing and learn techniques for conflict resolution.

Material goods are provided too, as resources allow. There may even be transportation or gas vouchers available for getting to an interview. In addition, Chrysalis directs clients to specialized training courses.

The agency is located at 255 Homestead Avenue, P.O. Box 320613, Hartford, Connecticut 06132. Anyone that is facing homeless or that needs support can try the center at (860) 263-4400.



By Jon McNamara

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