Emergency help from Christian Community Outreach.

The Community Center from Christian Community Outreach is located in Marshall County Alabama. The assistance programs from the organization will support both urban and rural residents who are low to moderate-income or facing a crisis. Funding for the services administered is varied and limited, and may come from local utility companies or the United Way (among others) that provide money.

There may be emergency services such as free food, gently used clothing, grants for cooling or heating bills, housing and other basic needs. Money may also be offered for utility bills, both electric and water. The staff also show commitment to working with the clients on assessing and addressing problems that lead to poverty in the first place.

Food and holiday programs from Christian Community Outreach

Christian Community Outreach Christmas programs are also available. Low income families may face financial emergencies at the worst possible time. This is particularly difficult for parents when it happens at Christmas, such as them losing a job or having an unpaid medical bill. This often makes it impossible for parents to buy gifts for their children.

The agency created the Christmas program to serve low-income parents and other caregivers of children aged 16 years and younger. Throughout the year, the non-profit collects new toys from generous community members as well as local businesses. They then make them available in the Christmas Toy Shop.

Qualifying low to moderate income parents are invited to come in and choose their children’s gifts. Christian Community Outreach partners with toy donors and the families who benefit, and this is all done to help the kids of Marshall County. The case managers also collaborate with other agencies in the community to screen clients and determine the extent of their need at the holidays.

Free food or groceries are available from the Christian Community Outreach food pantry. This can be held at different locations as well, such as churches in Alabama. The assistance is provided year round in order to help meet a family’s nutritional needs.




Program eligibility for free food is based upon income guidelines for federal government poverty levels that are established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Income levels that will be assessed as part of the process depend upon size of the family.

  • The amount of groceries or quantity of food provided is also based upon family size.
  • The exact make up of what is provided is derived from USDA donations, canned and dry goods purchased from the Marshall County County Foodbank, fruits from local farms, and other donations.

Aid is also arranged to help students in towns such as Martling or Albertville obtain school supplies. The charity can coordinate clothing drives with churches or provide vouchers to buy shoes. Other goods offered as part of Outreach may be backpacks, pens, or pencils.

Help for bills, medical needs, or rent

Any financial aid for bills or paying some of a resident's rent is combined with intensive case management. Christian Community Outreach offers life skills, employment classes, credit repair, educational endeavors, and advocacy among other services. This is also for people that are residing in emergency shelters and/or transitional programs. All of this is done by Christian Community Outreach to promote total independence from public assistance.

When applying for help, please bring a photo ID, Social Security card, proof of income, and also a current piece of mail dated within 30 days. More may be requested too. Also, if someone needs further advice or if they do not have proof, then the Case Manager may take other steps before authorizing any money.

There may be financial assistance for water bills from Christian Community Outreach. The non-profit can help if service is to be discontinued and the applicant has a medical crisis. Or there are options such as payment plans from the H2O Help to Others Program. This works by providing aid to state of Alabama Water customers who have the greatest economic challenges.

Benefit amounts vary based on funding levels, and there are no guarantees to receiving help. This will also depend on whether he or she meets program eligibility requirements. These requirements include having a total monthly household income that does not exceed certain Federal Government Poverty Levels. Also, the applicant to Christian Community Outreach is also required to make a good faith payment toward their account balance after applying.





Individuals in need of health care can turn to Christian Community Outreach for information on assistance available from local clinics or volunteer nurses/doctors. There may also be some limited funds to pay for a portion of a health care bill or medication that a low income patient needs.

The Marshall County Alabama Health Center provides medical treatment for uninsured, homeless adults. Services range from general checkups, dental care or cleanings, obstetric and gynecologic (OB-GYN) care, and mental health counseling are among the available services. Clients can also obtain prescription medication vouchers at the health center.

Financial Empowerment Center at Christian Community Outreach operates according to an Integrated Service Delivery Model. So a holistic process is put into place. This includes developing a plan to maximize resources that are readily available in order to help clients maximize their income and build wealth and, with support, make steady steps towards self-defined goals.

The Workforce Development, Low Income Housing Tenants, and people enrolled at Marshall County Entrepreneurship Center are encouraged to participate in programming to develop skills and tools to enable them to improve their financial outlook as well as gain a baseline of financial wellness.

While money is available, Christian Community Outreach will usually limit payments to at most $50. However funding levels do vary. The office is at 251 County Road 142, Albertville, AL 35950, and phone number is (256) 659-6802.



By Jon McNamara

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