Choctaw Nation Housing Programs.

Income qualified Native Americans from the Choctaw Nation territory have several housing and rent assistance programs available to them. The housing authority oversees many of these initiatives and they strive to ensure that no one person or individual goes homeless. Both low income homes and apartments may be offered as well as funds for paying rent to residents in the Choctaw Nation region. The main resources are listed below.

The Independent Elderly Housing Program is available for a single person and their spouse, if applicable. Almost 60 different units are operated and they can allow older people to live independently. There are age restrictions in place and most of the units are for those age 55 and older. The tenant who is staying in the unit must also still pay about 15% of their total household income towards their monthly rent expense. Other costs will also need to be paid by the tenant.

Emergency rental assistance is administered by the Choctaw Nation Housing Authority. This is offered in several counties, including those listed below. The Native American family that is applying for help needs to meet the low income guidelines that are in place. The home they live in most also be considered safe and affordable over the long term.  This is available in the Oklahoma Counties of Bryan, McCurtain, Latimer, Choctaw, Coal, Atoka, Pittsburg, Leflore, Pushmataha, Haskell, and also Hughes.

Shelters are open for those that are homeless or people that are facing imminent eviction. Since the resources are limited, all Choctaw members will receive priority for housing and shelters over Non-Tribal Members.

Anyone that is receiving funds for paying rent or shelter will also be enrolled into self-sufficiency classes. The Nation will provide incentives, support and goals for families and individuals that are residing in low-income housing. Case managers from the housing authority will encourage the development of on-the-job training programs and educational services.




Choctaw Hope Development is another affordable community. Over 10 apartments are available for rent on the open market and the units are located in Idabel, Oklahoma. There are several conditions that need to be met by applicants. They will need to pay a fair market rent. They also need to have had at least two previous satisfactory landlord references. Backgrounds checks will also be performed on the applicant and their family members.

Home repairs, modifications, and rehabilitation services are for privately owned homes in the Choctaw Nation. The assistance is even for Mutual Help homes that have been paid off. There is a one month per year selection process and the program is limited in scope. All services will be provided on an annual basis to those that qualify, including the elderly, disabled, and very low income.

The housing authority Homeowners Management Services is for the Mutual Help homes after they are built. The main goal is to ensure that the qualified homes are being maintained properly. Tenants need to have safe, sanitary, and livable homes, and this is a priority for the nation. Another goal of the Management Department is to coordinate assistance that will help each tenant or family buy their own home over the long term.

There are many affordable rental housing units in the area. While the demand is high, apartments may open up from time to time. They are income based so rent will be due. There will also be references required, background checks completed, and other proof required. There are also designated units and a Supportive Housing for the Elderly program.

The Choctaw Nation Housing Authority can be reached at 800-235-3087. The main office is based at 1005 South 5th Street, PO Box G, Hugo, Oklahoma 74743.



By Jon McNamara

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