Chisago County, Mora, and East Central Minnesota assistance programs.

Find assistance from the Lakes and Pines Community Action Council (320-679-1800 or 1-800-832-6082). This organization has offices located northwest of Chisago County in Mora, and the group handles a variety of energy and housing assistance programs for counties in the entire east central region (7E) of Minnesota. As just some examples, if you need assistance with paying rent or your mortgage, or if you are hoping to fix-up a house or need help with paying your heat bills, this organization is a good place to start in looking for advice and help.

They help with housing needs as well. Lakes & Pines Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance advocates have been very busy serving a consistent number of needy applicants,. While they have been successful, the number of people who are being declined that has "spiked." due to the increasing need. In order to get assistance from Lakes & Pines a rent or homeowner needs to qualify under criteria that include limited income levels, employment status, etc. and Lakes & Pines assistance programs don't pay house payments indefinitely.

Maybe you are staying put in your house or apartment, but just need help to do some repairs around your homesite. The rehab and weatherization assistance programs are in place to aid income-qualified property owners with these needs as well.

The agency, known as LPCAC provides other support as well. The homeless may be placed into transitional housing, or receive security deposit help from Emergency Solutions Grant – Rehousing Program (ESG-RHP). Or case managers will help the client find a job or rebuild their savings as well as take other steps for stability. Read more.

Social services in Chisago County Minnesota

The Salvation Army Chisago County Office, which is located on 2080 Woodlynn Ave. in Maplewood, Minnesota (phone 651-770-4974)  is one of the leading sources for information and support in the region. They can refer qualified low income, unemployed, and elderly individuals to a wide variety of assistance programs. Learn about rental programs, thrift stores, public assistance, free food banks, and much more.

Chisago County Social Services is one of the leading public assistance and social service agencies in Center City and Chisago County Minnesota. Call 651-213-5600.

They are a government run office. So you can learn about certain federal and state government assistance programs, include low income energy assistance, Medicaid, food assistance such as TANF, weatherization, and much more. Other services administered include Child Care Assistance, Food Support, Minnesota Supplemental Aid, Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP), Minnesota Dental Clinics, General Cash Assistance, Diversionary Work Program (DWP), Economic and Community Development, Group Residential Housing, General Assistance Medical Care (GAMC) and the Minnesota Food Help line.



By Jon McNamara

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