Charles County Maryland Salvation Army assistance programs

The goal of the Charles County Maryland Salvation Army is to help all people in need. They may be able to assist low income families or those in a crisis with their bills, rent, Christmas help or school supplies. They are also able to help people whose total household incomes do not fall within the normal federal government poverty guidelines. Most of the assistance from the Salvation Army center (in Waldorf) requires an appointment, and very little (if anything) is available on a walk in basis.

Financial help for bills and housing from the Salvation Army

Emergency lodging can be arranged in a shelter. The social workers will partner with the homeless to try to find them a place to rest their head at night. Not only that, but food and hot meals can be provided to shelter guests along with clothes or hygiene items.

Financial aid may be given to applicant who prove they are able to maintain their housing expenses after assistance is given. The Christian based charity, or its partners, do their best to provide rent, energy bill help, or other aid. This is done under the premise that it is more cost effective to the charity (and better for the client) to keep someone in their current home or keep their power on. Or it is much better to pro-actively give a medication or a ride to a job.

The Charles County Maryland Salvation Army knows it is always better to be pro-active than to say move the person into a shelter because they were evicted or had their electricity/water disconnected. But the applicants need to show the ability to maintain their financial situation. When possible, everything from grants for rent to gasoline vouchers or utility help may be offered along with other social services.





Case management, which may or not be faith based, provides clients the resources they need to gain stability. People of any religion can apply, and it does not need to be faith based. Clients are given mentoring, knowledge, and ongoing support. Charles County Salvation Army case workers offer an opportunity counseling, housing in the shelter above, free meals, referrals, and more. Bible studies can also be attended by the client if they want.

Some of these programs can also help substance abusers or homeless men. Anyone that falls into these circumstances needs to help with chores and stay sober. At the first opportunity they also need to get employed and provide some help with rent for their lodging and programs costs.

Free or low cost items

Salvation Army Charles County basic needs are addressed available in a few different ways. Donations of gently used winter jackets, boots, hats, and coats are always needed. If and when they are collected the Salvation Army will provide them to kids as well as seniors at no cost. They may be offered at Christmas or the Back to School shopping season. The thrift store as well as clothing closet will also try to provide low income families the clothes they need as well throughout the year, for work or school.





The Emergency Food Pantry is used to feed low income families. It will be offered for people in a crisis, but the resources are limited. While it may be the most heavily used service, the Salvation Army Charles County pantry is not a long term benefit.

The intent is to complement a struggling ,low income household’s nutrition needs. So the assistance is one-time and short term only. There may be canned or frozen food items, milk, produce, and more. Sometimes the pantry even has household cleaning supplies and/or personal care items, though the shelves are not always full. The amount of food given is based on income and the number of family members in the Charles County home.

The Angel Tree Program – This is the main Salvation Army Christmas time benefit in Charles County. Using donations from the community, there may be free gifts, clothing, or toys for young boys or girls under the age of 13 or so. The Angel Tree involves placing tags are on site at local churches, hospitals, or work sites. Generous people than buy what is requested by the child.

The Salvation Army Family Store in Charles County provides families of all income the ability to get low cost goods. It is also used by people recovering from a disaster, and they may be given free replacement goods. It also gives generous members of the community an outlet for tax-deductible donations. Receipts are given to donors. Everything from clothing to furniture and more is sold. Not only that, but money raised from the Family Store pays for their services in the Charles County area. There are also other ways to get low cost or free items from local charities or even online websites/portals, and learn more on websites that give out free stuff.




Applying for help

Anyone can apply, regardless of religion or background. The Charles County Family Service Office and Thrift store is at 12025 Trade Zone Ct, Waldorf, Maryland 20601. For information, call (301) 843-3576.


By Jon McNamara

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