Central Florida Urban League programs.

Most of the programs from the Central Florida Urban League are focused on employment and education. There is not financial help for housing assistance and homeless prevention. The non-profit provides those resources as well as information on employment, education services, and credit and debt assistance. Low income families across the Florida counties of Orange, Brevard, Lake, Osceola, Polk, Volusia and Seminole can turn to the Urban League for help.

Mortgage assistance in the form of Default and Delinquency counseling is available. The Urban League understands that Florida, and in particular counties such as Orange, Brevard, and Polk, have been hit hard by the housing crisis.

In an effort to help homeowners, there are workshops, sessions and counseling that can assist those that are in a foreclosure or behind on their home loans. Some of the tactics involved in preventing or resolving a mortgage delinquency or default includes group and/or one-on-one counseling.

A specialist will work with the homeowner on restructuring debt, managing household finances, establishing mortgage reinstatement plans, and the negotiation of home loan modifications. This area of focus from the Urban League assists clients that are affected by predatory lending or sub prime loans. They may also qualify for free or low cost foreclosure prevention services. There are also referrals to both state and federal programs, such as learn how to get free mortgage help in Florida as well as a list of resources available

Rental Readiness will advise tenants on their rights, rules, and in general how to be good tenants. There are various support services offered, including credit and budgeting counseling assistance. For those that are having difficulty or that may be facing eviction, the Urban League may have referrals to financial aid programs in Orlando and other counties. There may be grants issued by some non-profits or charities for paying rent and other housing costs.





Some of the sessions offered to clients include credit counseling, the rights and responsibilities of being a tenant, information on renter's insurance, and unsafe housing. Most of this support is to help ensure a successful experience, reduce homelessness, and also assist those that are struggling with paying their rent or other housing costs, such as utility bills.

Homebuyer services are offered from the Central Florida Urban League. They use tools such as Freddie Mac's CreditSmart curriculum. The program educates consumers about money management, credit repair and debt reduction, among other activities. The goal is to expand home ownership in counties such as Orange, Osceola, and others in Florida.

Helping in dealing with credit issues is the most frequent request for assistance by potential homebuyers. To assist with this, the Central Florida Urban League provides a range of Homebuyer Education Seminars. The sessions are held in multiple languages as well, including Spanish, English, sessions for the Hearing Impaired and even Creole.





Other partnerships also focus on Homebuyer Education. There are free seminars held in central Florida that are available to the general public. Participants of these various home buying seminars will be able to learn about grants to pay closing costs, down payment assistance programs, low interest rate home loans and a variety of other inexpensive housing loan programs.

As many people know, buying a home can be complicated, especially for first time buyers. It often means dealing with lawyers, real estate agents, brokers, appraisers, inspectors, bankers and builders. So the Urban League and its partners try to help Orlando area Florida families with this activity.

Budgeting, debt and credit counseling can help address any number of financial challenges that people may have. This is an integral part of all Urban League self-sufficiency and home buying programs. Looking at spending habits, developing a budget, reducing credit card debt, and developing savings strategies are some of the areas covered by this service. Any type of credit counseling may last up to 6 months.

Employment assistance from the Urban League in Central Florida is part of their Center for Workforce Innovation service. This program focuses on helping distressed individuals including the unemployed, individuals that have a reduction in hours/income, chronically unemployed, youth, and underemployed.

There is support also offered for people who are working part time but who are seeking full time positions in Florida. Other employment assistance is for veterans, ex-offenders, and older adults over the age of 55. Job programs are available in the entire region, including the counties of Orange, Brevard, Volusia, Lake, Osceola, Polk, and Seminole.

Specialists from the Urban League work with job seekers in Central Florida. They will receive assistance in exploring careers, finding employment and upgrading their skills through training and education. The Center for Workforce Innovation addresses key issues of development, access to training and job opportunity. Learn more on job training programs in Florida.

Life skills training from for Workforce Innovation will focus on developing employment skills that support changes in managing day-to-day situations and lead to long-term job retention. Skills covered during the workshops include, but are not limited to, professional appearance, money management, resume review and conduct in the workplace. Also explore career paths and employers that are based in Florida.





Some additional services include Pre-Apprenticeship training, that bridges the skills gap and meets the needs of current and future workforce demands. It will deliver job skills training and real life experience that keeps pace with the overall growth of the Central Florida economy.

There are a few main offices of the Central Florida Urban League. Send your zip code via text to 898-211. Or the centers are located at 595 West Church Street Suite I-B, 927 South Goldwynn Avenue, or 2804 Belco Drive. All locations are in Orlando itself.

By Jon McNamara

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