Central Arkansas Team Care for the Homeless housing programs.

Services from Central Arkansas Team Care for the Homeless, which is a non-profit focused on helping the vulnerable (including the homeless) in Pulaski County, provide solutions to housing needs. The agency uses grants from the federal government as well as non-profits to offer everything from rental assistance to placement into shelters or transitional housing.

CATCH was formed in partnership with Little Rock Arkansas churches, such as River City Ministries, and other faith based groups. Additional members include Pulaski County social services as well as the University of Arkansas The information as well as applications to their housing programs are available from the Day Center.

Programs for the homeless and rehousing

Homeless Outreach/Intervention from CATCH is paid for using US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants. Various charities and community action agencies partner wit the organization. Together they offer intervention services as well as street outreach to the low income, people facing eviction, and homeless.

Shelters from Central Arkansas Team Care for the Homeless are for single adults, couples, families, children, and mothers in Pulaski County. Individuals that use the facility will need to meet the goals in place, such as be working work toward goals that are set in the development of a transition plan. All of this will be done to help the guests of the shelter prepare for a permanent, stable housing situation upon leaving the shelter.

The case management process will last several weeks. Shelters guests will need to be looking for work, employed (and saving money for rent/housing) or going to school while in the center.

Other assistance is also available at the shelter. Individuals or the family will be given a hot breakfast and dinner, and they may get a sack lunch too. There is also a laundry at CATCH, required chores, cleaning, and more. The emergency, short term housing is an alternative for people that are living in their vehicles, on the streets, or in a family home and need to leave.





Tenants or homeowners that are near homeless, or those that have lost their home to a foreclosure or eviction, can seek help from the CATCH Homeless Assistance Program. Using government funds and donations, the agency will make partial rent, security deposit, water bill, mortgage, and utility/ energy assistance payments on behalf of eligible applicants. The money will be paid directly to legitimate landlords, utility companies or vendors.

The applicant needs to meet the income requirements to apply for a grant. Other criteria include they need to have an eviction notice from a court in Little Rock. Or there may be help for people residing in a group shelter or motel. Financial help is also for women or children that are in a local domestic violence shelter.

The Homeless Assistance Program is also for residents that are currently living in housing (a home or apartment) in which the physical environment presents life and/or health threatening conditions. CATCH also assists families or individuals that are living on the streets, in parks or cars, doorways, a hospital, etc.

Prevention programs and financial aid from Central Arkansas Team Care for the Homeless

The Emergency Food and Shelter Program – CATCH utilizes funding provided by the Federal Government and agencies such as the United Way in Pulaski County. The money is used to assist eligible households with meeting a variety of crisis-related needs, including rent, housing, and utilities.

The grants from EFSP are very limited. The client will need proof of income, need to agree to case management, and take other critical steps if they want financial help for their bills. When qualified, the funds can pay for various housing needs, including rent, furniture for the home, and other needs. If a Little Rock resident is not qualified, then find other ways to get assistance. Locate resources to get more help with rent.





Pulaski County households experiencing a heating service emergency between January and March can apply for LIHEAP, or the Low-Income Home-Energy Assistance Program. This can help keep power on. Anyone facing an ongoing challenge in paying utility bills can apply for the LIHEAP subsidy. Both offer monetary aid for paying energy costs.

Both of them combined will help offset heating expenses through the provision of a one-time grant  during November and December, however the emergency service is available from Central Arkansas Team Care and the government year round. LIHEAP is a statewide initiative sponsored by the state and USDOE.

Other financial help may be arranged. Case Management Services are available through a coordinator who works directly with residents to help with their individual needs. A circle of communication is established between the client, their social worker, health care staff from clinics, family members, and teachers for their child to hopefully ensure positive results for participating clients.

The goal of CATCH is to end homelessness and help people with placement into new, permanent housing. For details on the housing resources available, the center is at 500 West Markham, West Little Rock, Arkansas 72201. Residents can dial (501) 244-5420.




By Jon McNamara

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