Cary North Carolina utility bill assistance.

In addition to the standard state and federal government assistance programs, families that live in Cary North Carolina may be able to receive financial assistance with paying their utilities from the Oasis program. It is funded by donations and administered by the town working with the Dorcas Ministries Crisis Ministry.

Generous donations from other local businesses and utility customers in the region go to fund this particular resource. The Oasis program was created in an effort to assist those residents who are facing some form of financial hardship or emergency and they can't pay their utilities as a result of this.

So a local non-profit organization, Dorcas Ministries Crisis Ministry, partnered with the Town of Cary in an effort to create this program for the low income who qualify. Your donations can help people in need get back on their feet and hopefully prevent a disconnection of their service. Donating to Oasis is quick and easy to do. Not only does it allow you the ability to give back to society, but your contributions will also be tax-deductible.

Every month there are hundreds of families in the town who are late on their payments and/or who may be on the verge of disconnection. Some people may be late more than one month in a row and others are faced with a one-time hardship or crisis. Many find themselves facing some form of difficulty for the first time in their lives and they merely need a little one-time assistance to help pay one bills.

The assistance is really targeted at those with the one time crisis and not people who are facing a chronic problem. So the program is not meant to be a charity care type resource that supports residents who are not self-sufficient.

The Town of Cary will accept either one-time or regular monthly donations from utility customers. While the town will collect the funds, they will then pass all the money to Dorcas Ministries who administers the program in the region. The non-profit may also help people sign up for government programs in North Carolina such as LIHEAP.




Everything that is collected can only be used to pay for a Town of Cary utility bill. In addition, some of the funds may be used to pay for plumbing repairs to fix leaks in someones home. Although most bills do get paid as funding and donations allow, the goal is to get people help before a significant delay and service disconnection occurs on their account. This is even more true during the hot and humid summer months of North Carolina.

If you need assistance, crisis counselors from Dorcas Ministries will review your application. As part of this process an interview will need to occur as well. Applicants will need to provide their hardship and have supporting documentation. The non-profit will determine any assistance that may be available as well to the low income and needy.

Anyone can contribute to the program. In order to donate monthly with your utility payment, dial (919) 469-4050. You can also send a note with your next payment. If you use the note be sure that it is precise and clear as to what the funds are for. In addition, you can also request to establish a recurring donation to the Oasis program. It can be as little as 50 cents a month or $1, $2, $5, $10. Feel free to contribute as little or as much as you choose. All the money will directly to those who qualify.

In order to make a one-time contribution to the program, just be sure to include the donation amount with your next utility payment or mail it separately to the Town of Cary Finance Department. Or dial 919-469-4050 for more information.




By Jon McNamara

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