Financial help from Carolina Community Action Agency (CCA).

The counties of Fairfield, Lancaster, Chester, Union, and York can turn to the Carolina Community Actions for support. The non-profit agency administers various solutions for those facing poverty, including the General Emergency Assistance Program, LIHEAP, and educational resources. If the center can’t help, then referrals may be available.

Much of the aid is part of the CSBG, Community Services Block Grant. This is funded by the United states Department of Health and Human Services on an annual basis. It will provide funding to the region for a wide range of local community initiatives.

Local CAA resources are often paid for by this government grant. It provides support services that target anti-poverty objectives by promoting the goals of low income and otherwise struggling families. The individual needs to be working to achieve self-sufficiency. However, if they qualify, Carolina Community Actions (CCA) may be able to help with the following.

  • Self-sufficiency, such as Employment, Income Management, or Education. Or the WIA program , as noted below.
  • Emergency services, including Household Energy, Rent, or Food.

Funds for bills, including rent

General Emergency Program is also run by community Action. GEAP, as it is known, assists eligible households in meeting emergency needs. It works by paying limited amounts of cash assistance towards a clients expenses. It is sometimes issued in the form of a loan, and can help pay utility bills and for the furnishing of food.

Other aid may be for temporary shelter, rental costs, medical services, and so on. To be eligible, household income must not exceed 125 percent of the federal poverty level and have not requested help in the past few months or so. Also, any benefit amounts issued are determined by Carolina Community Actions on a case-by-case basis, up to a maximum dollar amount of $1,000.




LIHEAP is the nation’s main federally funded program that assists eligible low-income households with high home heating and/or aid conditioning bills. They try to target any available energy assistance to eligible working poor households, including in York, with the highest energy needs and lowest incomes.

The government may also provide assistance to previously unserved households (either those that were not served in the previous year or never served); repair or replace inefficient furnaces and cooling systems, and in general increase energy efficiency among the applicant households.

The utility bill assistance program also provides cash grants, energy education, home weatherization, credit counseling, and intervention with utility companies in South Carolina on behalf of low-income households. Anyone in need of heating or cooling bill assistance, or facing a crisis, is encouraged to contact Carolina Community Actions. There are offices in Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, York, or Union County.

Weatherization provides home energy conservation assistance to homeowners and rental tenants. The applicant can be other residing in single-family homes or mobile homes in the Upper Piedmont Region. When reviewing applications, priority is given to the senior citizens in the area, the disabled, and families with young children. The aim is to improve energy efficiency and enhance quality of life. Most of this is run from the Rock Hill office.

Support for education and job training needs

Another key service is the Family Assessment Program. This is another one of the CAA Community Service Block Grant funded programs. Comprehensive family assessment is considered to be the ongoing practice of making informed decisions. This is the result of identifying, considering, and weighing factors that impact children, youth, and their families.





As part of Carolina Community Action Agency Family Assessment, case managers help participants with needs assessment, planning, accessing appropriate job training, and general stability. There is another one of the many human services programs that are available in York and other counties such as Lancaster. They all enable participants to compete in the labor market and function effectively once employment has been obtained.

The unemployed or career changers can look into the CAA Pre-Employment/Employability Training Program. This provides support in developing good work habits, relating positively with supervisors, knowing employer expectations, and even access to free computer training.

The Carolina Community Actions Job Search Training covers interviewing, job application completion, resume preparation, and job-seeking skills. In general, the Job Development provides assistance in locating suitable work sites in upper or central South Carolina for all participants. The location will also provide Classroom Skills and Workshop Training that provides individuals with the technical skills and knowledge required to perform specific jobs.

WIA also offers various workshops and coaching services. Highly trained staff offer this as well as workshops on careers and life skills. The sessions are geared to give clients Information that is essential for workplace survival, as well as in their personal lives. The agency will provide the following educational and support services. Learn about One-on-One Career Coaching, Training in Computer Applications, Obtain Job Placement Assistance and more.

Students and job seekers can also benefit from WIA services around Mentoring, achieving National Certifications, College Placement Assistance, and Work Readiness Training. In some cases, there may even be cash incentives or work uniforms for clients.




The nation’s and regions main program for child development is Head Start. There are classrooms across the region, including in Chester, York, and Lancaster County. It will offer students from low income families with educational, health, nutritional, and social services. The disabled can also enroll, and the child’s parent can get help with their needs as well.

The main office for CCA is at Rock Hill, SC 29731-6933, call 803-329-5195. However other regional centers are available as well.


By Jon McNamara

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