Mortgage assistance in Cambridge from Chase.

Homeowners in Cambridge Massachusetts can get mortgage assistance and free foreclosure prevention from a homeownership center opened by JPMorgan Chase & Co. The location will offer homeowners the ability to meet with housing specialists, review programs to help them get back on track with their home loan payments, and can help people in the Cambridge and Middlesex County area who are struggling to pay their mortgages.

The centers allow borrowers the ability to meet one-on-one with a Chase Customer Assistance Specialist. Together you will review the terms of your current home loan and learn how the lender may be able to offer you a modification, lower your monthly payment or interest rate, or in general help you avoid foreclosure and get back on track with your mortgage payments. JP Morgan Chase offers homeowners a wide-number of initiatives to help individuals and families in Cambridge stay in their homes whenever possible. Over the years Chase has helped hundreds of thousands of families modify their home loans or find some type of solutions that helped them avoid a foreclosure filing. This includes thousands of families from Massachusetts and the greater Middlesex County region.

Chase strongly recommends that you make an appointment. For the visit, customers should bring all relevant documentation, including tax forms as well as W-2s, bank statements and monthly expense documentation, any budget data you have, and of course recent pay stubs. In addition, a potential client should bring any information, such as a hardship letter, that will help explain why they are behind on their mortgage and facing financial challenges. The more documentation you have and the more prepared you are will help you during this process and will expedite the process.





You will meet with trained advisors from Chase. The Cambridge Massachusetts center will employ a team of homeownership advisors and foreclosure prevention specialists who will assist customers whose circumstances have changed and who are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of that. Assistance is targeted at people who are no longer able to make their scheduled monthly payment on their home loan, who want to avoid foreclosure and stay in their home.

During the one on one session you and the trained advisors will evaluate your personnel finances, review possible workout options and loan modifications and answer any questions that the homeowner may have. JP Morgan/Chase has a number of programs that they can offer homeowners. Some were created directly by the bank, and others were initiated by the federal government or the state of Massachusetts. If there is any chance that you could get back on track then the representative will do everything in their power to make that happen.

If it turns out that you are too far behind on your mortgage, or that your financial situation has deteriorated too much, then the specialist can provide some suggestions on next steps, such as selling your home. All advice is provided for free and it is confidential.

The Chase home loan counseling center in Cambridge will be located at One Canal Park, Suite 1125. An appointment is required and walk in traffic will not be supported. Borrowers with Chase or EMC originated or serviced mortgages should call 617-225-0915 as soon as they think they may need help. They will be scheduled to meet with a specialist to review their options.




By Jon McNamara

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