Calvert County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Family Services program in Calvert County provides help to the needy. There is support for a wide range of individuals, including children, seniors, and the working poor or unemployed. The Christian church based charity not only provides basic needs (food, clothes, etc.), but they also offer financial aid including to help keep people housed or their electricity/water on.

There are a few ways that the Salvation Army of Calvert County funds itself. They include from the following sources:
-The thrift store sells goods to the public, and the money raised pays for the Salvation Army programs.
-United Way of Maryland may allocate grant money to the charity.
-Fund raisers are held by organizations including the boy or girl scouts, churches, bake sales, and other charities.
-Direct donations, whether of cash or goods such as clothes or food which is given to clients.

These sources of funding allow the charity to assist clients. The Calvert County Salvation Army can help in many ways. There are some needs that people have that are considered to be basis. They include food, a roof over a family's head, electricity, and medical care. So the funds from the Salvation Army Family Services target those needs.

To that end, the food pantry as well as soup kitchen address the needs for nutrition. Even someone can't make it to the Calvert County Salvation Army center, then volunteers may deliver a hot meal to the homebound person. Also, the food pantry (while free) should only be thought of as an emergency center for people to turn to when they are out of options.

The other expenses around housing or medical are often in demand, but they are hard to meet. The Salvation Army will only occasionally be able to provide help for utility bills, mortgage payments, or rent. Many of those bills require cash to be paid (not like the distribution of food), so while the Calvert County Salvation Army may have some money on hand from time to time, it is limited.





Anyone applying for financial help for their rent or other bills (such as water), needs to have a source of income. As they need to be able to pay future expenses on their own. So the income needs to be from a job, benefits such as SSI disability, pension, etc. The applicant also needs to contribute some of their own money for the rent or utilities...the Salvation Army will never pay the entire amount on their own.

There are also regional shelters and transitional housing programs available. Most are in neighboring communities. But they not only allow a client to get a roof over their heads, but they can also get a meal, use a computer lab, or search for assistance such as free day care assistance programs.

Calvert County Salvation Army volunteers keep the operation running. They are critical to its success. The different tasks that rely on the community include the following.
-Volunteers work at the food pantry to help clients shop, stuff bags, stock the shelves, etc.
-They can deliver meals to the homebound in Calvert County.
-The thrift store is also manned by volunteers.
-Some of the individuals that partner with the charity respond in disasters by bring water, clothes, and supplies to impacted areas.
-Salvation Army volunteers may mentor kids or clients, or offer after school day care.

There are other programs that can help the Calvert County community. The Salvation Army uses a combination of volunteers and donations from the public. The three biggest services are the Angel Tree or Adopt a Family Christmas toy/meal program as well as free back to school shopping. Both of these will mostly benefit children from working poor households.




Using the donations from the Prince Frederick community, the parents who apply for their kids (and the children who are accepted), can be given everything from clothing to toys, presents, or school items. During the year there is always a high demand for backpacks, shoes, belts, notebooks, and the like. To this end there may be items given out to the kids.

Of course the Calvert County Salvation Army provides other support too. This list above is not all inclusive. For more information, or referrals, dial the center at (410) 347-9944.


By Jon McNamara

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