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Cheap food in California

Food prices are increasing across the nation. California families do have some options that can provide them with low cost, high quality, cheap food. One program and organization in particular can help them save more than 50% on their monthly food expenses. A program known as Treasure Box, which is offered by Good Source Solutions, Inc., provides individuals and families with a substantial box of low cost grocery store quality food. There are no income restrictions and anyone can get access to this inexpensive food. The box will cost a family around $32, and it provides about $60-$85 worth of food.

The amount of food that someone can receive from the Treasure Box is significant. The box will provide enough cheap food to feed a family of four both lunch and dinner for almost a week. A senior citizen can get enough food from the box to last them about a month. The Treasure Box will have in it about 21-25 pounds of high quality groceries and frozen foods, including beef, chicken, pork, or seafood. Numerous helpings of fresh food is also provided, including fruit, vegetables, a side dish and even a dessert.

Qualifications for the low cost food

The program is open to anyone, and there are no conditions or qualifications. Multiple boxes of cheap food can also be ordered, and there are no coupons, restrictions, conditions, or qualifications needed to get the groceries. The program can also provide more than one box of food.

Community action agencies, charities, outreach programs, churches, and non-profits throughout California can all distribute low cost food through the program. The Treasure Box partners with almost 600 major food manufacturers and producers across California and the nation  to purchase and provide high quality, nutritious yet cheap food at sizable volume discounts to the general public in the community.

The only action that people need to take it to just order one or more boxes of food (dial (866) 712-0925) and they also need to pick up the groceries from the location nearest to them.

Type of food and groceries provided

There are several different boxes of groceries and food offered to consumers, all of them which are high quality, cheap and will save families and individuals up to 60% on their grocery bills.





The standard box - The typical box will contain around $60 - $85 worth of delicious, high quality fresh items as well as frozen food that is offered to families and individuals for $32 per box. The amount of food contained is extensive. For example, each box weighs anywhere between 21-25 lbs. and contains 10-12 lbs. of fruit, protein, meats, and vegetables, dessert, and a side dish.

Box for children - This is a kid friendly box of food. What this means is that it is quick and easy to prepare the meals and groceries that are contained within, and it focuses on food that kids need to grow and get their nutrition. Great option for saving money on groceries for your children.

Meat and Protein Box - This box of food contains 12-15 lbs of high quality meats and protein and is a great supplement to your regular monthly Treasure Box. The prices are cheap, and quality high.

Quick and Healthy food box - It has 10 individually packaged 3 compartment meals. The box is low in fat and cholesterol and ready to eat in minutes, and these cheap meals and groceries provided are especially good for the elderly and senior citizens, people with dietary restrictions, and anyone who is looking for a healthier choice. Each meal that is provided by this box provides both families and individuals with 1/3 of the daily nutritional requirements and includes the nutritional equivalent of 3 oz of meat/protein and either two cup vegetable servings or one vegetable and even one fruit serving.

Breakfast box - This box of cheap food and groceries contains what people need to start their day off right. Bread, dairy products, fresh foods, and more.




Seafood box - People in California who need their fish and who may love seafood have this options. It is targeted at those seafood lovers and who need to add this healthy component to their meals. The box will provide a 7-8 lb assortment of fish fillets at a great value to anyone who needs seafood.

Where to get high quality, cheap food from in California

The boxes of food indicated above can help people in California save up to 60% on their monthly grocery bills. To learn more or find a location to pick up a low cost box of food, dial (866) 712-0925 to learn more about the Treasure Box. Other programs can provide families with cheap groceries and inexpensive food, as well as access to food assistance programs.


By Jon McNamara

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