Allendale County and Calhoun County Salvation Army assistance.

The Salvation Army in the region tries to provide emergency assistance to struggling residents in Allendale as well as nearby Calhoun County that are willing to work towards self-sufficiency. The aid they offer is done as a hand up, and not a hand out. So the case managers in the counties will require the client to participate in activities ranging from job training to budgeting and similar workshops.

It goes without saying that all resources from the non-profit will be limited. Any help provided is short term in nature, and can address an immediate crisis such as lack of food, housing, or clothing. They also cab provide help to senior citizens and the truly vulnerable, and that may be items like a home delivered meal.

People that need longer term support will be referred to public benefits in the state of South Carolina. In no way was the organization established to help those living in long term poverty that are not willing to work to get out of the cycle. So case managers from the Salvation Army centers can direct the family to program such as food stamps or HUD vouchers in central South Carolina. Some of the short term aid which may be provided directly by the organization is as follows.

Food assistance programs

Food pantry – This is a service that help families who struggle to pay for their groceries on a monthly basis. The Allendale County Salvation Army may be able to supplement their budgets by offering a few canned goods or maybe some fresh fruits. Single parents may be given baby formula or items for their newborn.

Salvation Army soup kitchens – These centers are more focused on the very low income or homeless. Another beneficiary of this service will be guests of a shelter. Clients can get a warm meal and comfort at the soup kitchen.

Salvation Army housing solutions

A goal is to stop evictions from occurring in the first place. However this can often be difficult for residents that are not financially stable. When possible, the Salvation Army may have funds for a portion of rent expense or maybe an overdue utility bill (water or electric) that could lead to homelessness. So if the eviction can't be prevented, then other services are as follows.





Temporary shelters – This will usually be available for a few nights, as space allows. There are sites in Calhoun County and other arras. When someone shows they are ready, then the Salvation Army will try to place the family into a transitional housing unit.

One time, limited rent and utility bill assistance – The Salvation Army will rarely be able to help with this, but it is an option. Or in some cases there may be a grant available to pay for a portion of a security deposit expenses on a new home. If there is not funding available, then case managers in Calhoun County will try to offer referrals.

Senior focused programs from Allendale and Calhoun Salvation Army

Resources from the agency are available in an effort to help the elderly gain long term stability. There are many programs run for these individuals. It can be day care, hot lunches, Meals on Wheels, and classes on saving and investment. The centers will offer their own support, and can also refer seniors to other programs such as Agency on Aging Centers.

Some people from Allendale can't make it to a center for a meal. So in these cases volunteers will offer a Meals on Wheels service. This will bring a low cost (or free) meal to their home. There is even a holiday component of this as well.

Other Salvation Army programs

Much is can be provided too. There are free Christmas gifts and meals for low income families, as well as Thanksgiving food baskets. Children can look into after school programs, and substance abusers can explore the services available at Adult Rehabilitation Centers. Another focus is on helping people in the region that are impacted by a disaster.




When it comes to employment, The Allendale County Salvation Army will help a person find a new or better job. When possible, this may include the us of a computer to search for a position or apply for a job. Or the center may have gasoline vouchers for a client to get to an interview. So many programs are run.

The Salvation Army center can be reached at (803) 641-4141. All resources are limited and often have a waiting list.


By Jon McNamara

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