Caddo Parish and Shreveport water bill assistance programs.

For low income families struggling with their water bills, there are a few organizations in Caddo Parish that may be able to help. Several charities and non-profits offer limited amounts of financial aid for water expenses, with a focus on preventing a shut off of service. In fact, there may be dozens of families per month that receive some type of assistance from the various programs.

The funding levels from each of the organizations will vary. In some years, maybe hundreds low income families may qualify for assistance while in other years the Shreveport agencies are much more limited in what they can offer. They rely heavily on both private donations as well as government grants.

One of the leading agencies to contact is the Caddo Community Action Agency. This non-profit will normally have the greatest amount of funds to pay out. There are grants and other forms of assistance available in order to help qualified low income families with their water and other utility bills. A focus is on income qualified households that are most at risk of a shut off. This can include the elderly, disabled, or families with young children, including single parents.

While various conditions are in place, the primary eligibility criteria is based on both the number of members of the household as well as total family income. Also as noted, the Community Action Agency will also give priority to certain individuals.

In order to apply, all applicants must live in Caddo Parish Louisiana. They will also need to provide their income and show copies of expenses and personal finances. Many other conditions apply too, including someone can usually only apply at most once per year. Clients also need to go through a comprehensive case management process that will try to address the root cause of their financial hardship.

To learn more, or to apply, the non-profit is accepts applications at its David Raines as well as Eddie Jones Community Centers. All funding is paid out on a first come and served basis to those that qualify.

Another resource is the Shreveport Water Assistance Program. This is administered by several different agencies and churches, including Caddo community action, Centerpoint Community Services and others. In order to get help from this, income levels needs to be met. In addition, someone can only apply a couple times per year at most.




As with any program, funding is limited. In order to get any support for paying water bills, applicants need to have a cut off notice and also receive some form of government or public assistance. Those who apply will also not be given the funds, and any money will do directly to the water company.

Socialization Services is another non-profit to try. This agency helps people, including seniors, pay their costs and they also participate in the Shreveport Water Assistance Program. This non-profit also offers various other resources to the unemployed and people that are struggling.

When possible, each person who is provided help may receive around $100 for a water bill. However, no extra fees or charges will be paid, and only the bill itself is covered.

Residents can also try Catholic Charities of Shreveport Louisiana. This agency also offers limited amounts of emergency assistance with utility bills, water expenses, and other basic needs. Some of the conditions include the applicant needs to participate in a money management or budgeting class.

For more information on these or other resources, call Centerpoint Community Services at (318) 227-0035, Caddo Community Action Agency (dial (318) 861-4808) or residents can dial Socialization Services of Shreveport at (318) 636-5284.



By Jon McNamara

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