Butler County United Way Resource Center emergency assistance programs.

Low income families in Butler County Ohio can get referrals to assistance directly from the United Way Referral Service or, if they do not qualify, then more information may be given. The charitable organization supports working poor families as well as those facing a hardship, the unemployed, immigrants, and others. Residents need to call for information.

When calling, and then eventually applying for help, proof of income, residency, identification, and hardship is generally needed. To streamline the process, it is always recommended to bring relevant documentation during any initial intake. This will help ensure the family gets the help they need in as short of a time frame as possible.

Pantry and non-food bank – There are a number around Butler County Ohio. Most of the programs use donations from the community. There are a wide variety of items passed out to the Hamilton Ohio, some address emergencies and sold help people living in low to moderate income poverty. It is run in partnership with local churches, thrift stores, retailers, and businesses. What there may be is the following:
-Boxes of groceries, mostly free canned goods.
-Perishable food, fruits, and vegetables.
-Dietary supplements, especially for senior citizens and children.
-Household supplies, paper products, razors, feminine products, etc.




Each year hundreds of residents as well as corporations in Butler County Ohio contribute to the United Way assistance programs. This individual donors reach into their pocketbooks and give time to donate to children as well as the elderly.

Throughout the fall months, the charity collects hundreds of Christmas gift items, such as toys, clothing, games, and more. The goods are donated, collected and sorted by volunteers. Many of the people that work at United Way partner organizations come from youth groups, local churches, colleges, and businesses.

Not only may toys be passed out, but there are also food boxes as well as meals served at Christmas as well as Thanksgiving or Easter. The goal is to always ensure that low income families, including kids and seniors that are in need, have hoe and joy. There is free holiday help for people of faith, no matter their religion.





No matter the need, proper identification as well as proof of income is required for those calling the United Way of Butler County Ohio for help. People seeking Emergency Assistance will be interviewed by a Volunteer to determine how the non-profit can assist with their needs. A second stage interview will be made with a full time caseworker as well as part of the process. Financial help is only given at most one time per year.

The financial assistance is paid out directly to the provider, such as the landlord or utility company. The volunteers have access to databases on prescription assistance programs and other social services. The systems in place allow all local Butler County non-profit or government agencies to record all services provided to individuals seeking emergency help. Among other benefits, it allows participating agencies to monitor what resources local lower income families receive so that duplication is eliminated.

United Way affiliated parners and their Job Placement is for unemployed and successful graduates of the training sessions held in Butler County Ohio. Employment specialists from local agencies as well as non-profits act as advisors and job coaches, providing viable job leads, free interview and work apparel, or transportation assistance, including gasoline vouchers.

They also help with other needs, other than employment. For example, if a low income family needs information on public assistance in Ohio, then the social worker fromUnited Way may advise them on the benefits in the community. Or if they want help in applying for some of those public aid programs, then that may be a service too. So various forms of support are arranged as needed.




All of the information is free. The United Way in Butler County does not provide their own financial help or support. But they refer callers to other local organizations in the region. Call them at 211 for details on what agency may be able to assist..


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