Burlington County New Jersey Community Action Program.

Struggling, low income, and unemployed residents in Burlington County can get help from the Community Action Program, if they meet program guidelines. Another focus of the organization is on supporting the disabled, seniors, and working poor.

The emphasis is on breaking the cycle of homelessness and poverty. Staff will identify and resolve local issues and concerns that impact the long term self-sufficiency of the poor and low-income in the community. In addition, some short term financial assistance may be available as well, often by referrals.

Burlington County Community Action Program is a so called clearinghouse for low- income residents. It provides families with information on all BCCAP programs and referrals to other state and federal resources for additional assistance. The BCCAP Administrative Office is located at 718 Route 130 South, Burlington. Call (609) 386-5800 for details.

Those on TANF can look into the Outreach, Information and Referral Program. The non-profit offers referral, guidance, support and information to Post-TANF individuals to help them maintain self-sufficiency.

Advocacy is a key service. Staff from BCCAP advocates on behalf of clients. They undertake this service for issues dealing with utility companies, landlords, predatory lending, mortgage companies, and other social service agencies.

Housing, mortgage and rent assistance in Burlington County

First time homebuyers can look into the Housing Acquisition/Rehab/Resale. Programs allow low and moderate income residents of Burlington County New Jersey to become first time homeowners by selling them pre-purchased and/or renovated properties.

As noted, BCCAP is a federal government HUD-approved Housing Counseling Agency. It offers first-time homebuyer assistance such as pre-purchase support, education and post- purchase homeownership counseling. Other services include low cost or free mortgage delinquency and default resolution counseling; landlord mediation; renter assistance counseling and fair housing assistance.




Low income, Permanent Rental Housing is for low income qualified families. A similar service in known as Transitional Housing for the Homeless. Burlington County Community Action Program offers very short term, safe housing and related supportive services to homeless families with children through intensive case management. It will help the families achieve self-sufficiency and move into affordable permanent housing somewhere in New Jersey.

Senior Citizens Housing is available in the form of rental housing and comprehensive on-site supportive social services for the elderly. It will promote independent living and ideally prevent premature institutionalization into a nursing home. There are Senior Apartments on Hancock Lane, Burlington Township as well as in Roebling Village Inn.

Rental assistance and landlord issues can be dealt with by Homelessness Prevention. The non-profit Burlington County Community Action Program offers emergency assistance to the homeless and those in imminent danger of eviction. As funding allows, the agency will provide up to one payment for helping pay delinquent mortgages or rent. Funds may also be offered for a security deposit or first months rent. Tenants can also call upon them as a Fair Housing Counseling Agency for Burlington County. The agency offers fair housing information, legal aid, referral, and assistance with filing housing discrimination complaints against landlords.

Financial aid for Emergency Home Repairs can help eligible low-income homeowners. It can help them pay for home safety repairs when they face life threatening situations in their homes such as no heat, water, or cooking facilities.

Burlington County Community Action energy and heating programs

BCCAP Low Income Home Energy Program (LIHEAP) will help Burlington County families with heating and cooling bills. Grants and funds can help assist with paying utility bills. Air conditioning and cooling bill assistance can help those that are facing a crisis due to medical reasons. LIHEAP also has an Emergency component and this is for households that use deliverable fuels (propane, oil, kerosene, wood or coal) that protects certain households from shutoff of service during the winter months. Also, households not eligible for LIHEAP may be eligible for the Temporary Relief for Utility Emergencies, or TRUE, Program.





In some cases, automatic energy benefits may be given to SNAP (Food Stamp) households based on their income levels and food stamp case information. All verifications must be provided to the LIHEAP office with your application. Those who didn't receive automatic checks may request and file an application with the local Burlington New Jersey LIHEAP office.

The Burlington County Community Action Program’s and state of New Jersey Universal Service Fund was created for low income households that spend more than 3% of their total household income for their electric or natural gas bills.  Such qualified households who are determined eligible will be able to receive a monthly discount on their public utility bill.

Save money and conserve energy from Weatherization. This is for low income and other income qualified senior homeowners who lose energy due to old or poor insulation, refrigerators or hot water tanks, or malfunctioning heaters. They may be assisted through the federal weatherization program.

Educational services

Education programs include Head Start Early Childhood Development Program. The Burlington County Community Action processes applications for it and assists with coordination. The program specializes in offering comprehensive health, educational, free food/nutritional care, social and other services for eligible low income families with children ages 3 to 5. Children from low income families with disabilities can also participate and receive special services as required.




NJCK - New Jersey Cares for Kids is a state and federal government subsidized child care voucher program offering partial payment to approved child care providers on behalf of the applicant. Families from New Jersey are required to pay a co-payment based on their family size and income.

Early Head Start is another BCCAP service. There is Health Services, Education, Playgroups, Transportation and other high quality services to expecting mothers and their entire families with children up to 3 years.


By Jon McNamara

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