Broward County Urban League assistance programs.

Whether you need self-sufficiency or financial assistance, programs from the Urban League may be able to meet your needs. The organization operates in Broward County Florida and they can coordinate services for the low income and poor, regardless of race, age, gender, and without discrimination. Housing programs include emergency funds for paying rent. Self-sufficiency programs are education, job search, and credit counseling. Numerous programs are available for the less fortunate in Broward County.

Housing counseling and rent assistance

Broward County homeowners, in particular those that are facing foreclosure or are behind on their home loan, can receive assistance from the Homeownership Counseling and Foreclosure Prevention program. The league offers those that qualify free or low cost housing counseling for first time homebuyers and families facing foreclosure of their primary residence.

For people looking to buy a home, monthly workshops including debt reduction counseling that may be required prior to purchasing a home are provided. Staff will also work with clients on applying for any loans or grants. The workshops may go as long as several hours and offer information on predatory lending, general budgeting and credit, the mortgage lending process, and offer residents support in searching and maintaining the home. Locate a list of mortgage assistance programs offered statewide in Florida.

The federal funded Individual Development Account (I.D.A.) Program was created to increase wealth and knowledge in the low-income community. IDA can provide clients with a 2:1 match savings program that will allow them to continue post secondary education, purchase a first home, or establish a small business. The Urban League was also arrange for quarterly financial literacy workshops at different sites in Broward County Florida.

Financial Literacy and Homeownership programs are designed to eliminate barriers to homeownership,  help people avoid predatory lending practices, gain control and understanding of finances. Specialists can help potential buyers gain access to cash grants, low interest loans, perform analysis, and other credit counseling services. Call 954-625-2570 for details.





Employment and educational programs in Broward County

The Urban League of Broward County offers Employment Assistance and help in locating a job. What may be arranged for includes training, skills assessments and job placement through their regional Economic Empowerment programs. Phone number is 954-625-2570.

Center for Working Families can improve the economic stability of qualified low income and unemployed families in an effort to help them meet their basic needs. The program has several services and offers employment, asset building, and income/work support through a one on one coaching model.

The AEIOU Program provides job training and placement, education and support to young adults under the age of 21. It is for those that have not completed high school and/or were juvenile offenders. Participants will be given the opportunity to obtain their vocational credentials or GED.

Urban Youth Empowerment Program, or UYEP, is a Broward County Urban League Program that helps individuals between the ages of 14 and 24. Assistance is for those that are unemployed or underemployed. Clients can receive job retention training, career assistance, job skills training, and placement in various career fields in Florida.

The Atlantic Coast Center of Excellence was designed to help students prepare for, qualify, and get the motivation to enroll into institutions of higher education such as college. The program can arrange for regional and state academic competitions, college prep workshops, conferences, and cultural events.

ABLE, or Asset Building Leads to Excellence, was designed to increase positive decision making in middle school students in Fort Lauderdale and in the county. It can help address the number of school failures, substance abuse issues, and teen pregnancies.

The College Tour Program promotes readiness and academic achievement through a rotation of foundational keys. What may be provided by the Urban League includes case management, ACT/SAT preparation, Homework Assistance, self-development, and information on non-profit community service.

Crime Prevention and Intervention can help ensure at-risk youth no longer engage in criminal behavior. It offers classes and workshops such as employability skills; anger management and behavior modification; teen pregnancy prevention; and community engagement.

Project EMBRACE is similar to above but it is a diversion program for first-time juvenile offenders which provide alternatives. It can coordinate weekly life skills management classes that focus on self-esteem building, asset building, provide values, teenage pregnancy prevention, HIV education, and other care.

Project TOTTS, or Together Our Tots Thrive & Survive, provides comprehensive prenatal and infant educational empowerment programs in Broward County. Program activities include childbirth education, community outreach, nutrition seminars and workshops, home visits and education and support for parents. Find more information on free diapers in Broward County.





Information on local Broward Scholarships Opportunities may be available. The Urban League doesn’t issue them, but they may have referrals. 954-584-0777.

The Urban League of Broward County's Family Success Center helps with general housing needs, including for people who rent or own. There is not direct financial aid offered. Instead they offer information on wealth creation as well as budgeting. This can help a tenant get back on track with their needs. There may also be referrals given as well, and the goal is to encourage stable housing in Broward County.

The Broward County Urban League is located at 560 NW 27th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale Florida 33311, call (954) 584-0777.


By Jon McNamara

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